Diabetes-Risk Factor

Natural Ways To Control Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes afflicts several thousand people every year and the number is constantly growing. Every country is almost seeing a doubling of the figures in diabetic patients. At the same time do not lose heart. People who have diabetes can easily control it with some effective measures that can help you overcome or at least keep the disease in check.

There are three major things that you should aim at in order to keep diabetes under check. Firstly you must maintain your blood sugar levels, then fat levels and finally your weight.

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The first thing that a diabetic should think of with immediate action is to forget sugar completely from their diet. Once sugar is ruled out the ups and downs in the diabetic levels that are associated with sugar intake will no longer exist. If you can’t resist sweets then have ones made of artificial sweeteners.


Secondly, do not have fried food. The reason being anything that is fried has a high amount of saturated fats in it which get deposited in your arteries and lead to their clogging. Rather use healthy oils such as olive and mustard rather than clarified butter or butter. Try and use non-stick utensils which will reduce the amount of oil that you use in your cooking. Try out other methods of cooking such as broiling, grilling, and baking which use minimal amounts of fat to cook them.

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Thirdly, eat frugally and frequently. Do not have large meals at one seating. Rather have frequent smaller meals so that you are able to divide your calories throughout the day. Do not exceed 1500 calories per day or hence you will tend to put on weight. There will be certain lifestyle changes that you will have to make in order to use these tips.

There are several herbs and vegetables that are known to be effective in the control of blood sugar levels. The first is the bitter gourd. You could consume it as a vegetable or its juice. Then there are fenugreek seeds or fenugreek eaten as a whole. Avoid foods that are white such as rice, dairy products, white bread.


Besides diet control exercise is the next option to keep diabetes under control. When it is combined with diet control it certainly has a good amount of effect on controlling and managing diabetes. Exercise will lower blood sugar, help you to lose weight, and maintain weight loss, it will keep your heart healthy and improve the overall circulation of the blood in your body. Exercising regularly will also reduce the demand on your pancreas to produce insulin and make you less stressed out. To top it all the gained lean muscles will make you look and feel good.

Diabetes when controlled and managed appropriately will enable you to avoid other medical complications such as infections, kidney problems, eye damage, and problems with the nerves, feet, and heart. All this will certainly be an impetus for you to start controlling diabetes right away.

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