Natural Ways To Condition Your Hair

Hair is a very valuable part of a human being’s body that is valued too much, especially by the ladies. To some people, hair is the source of beauty and has to be taken care of with a lot of control. When talking of natural methods of conditioning an individual’s hair, we mean the conditioners that we can make on our own and does not involve chemicals.

Beer As Conditioner

One way one can condition the hair is by washing with baking soda which washes away all impurities or chemicals in the hair leaving it lighter, this is done by simply adding one tablespoon of soda to the hair while shampooing. Another way of conditioning your hair is by use of beer where you mix ½ cup of warm water with three tablespoons of beer, rub the mixture in the hair then leave the solution for some time then rinse it off.

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Castor Oil As Conditioner

Castor oil can also be used if one wants healthy shiny hair, mix one table spoon of castor oil with one egg massage it into your wet hair and wait for several minutes and wash it off. Although butter is used on bread it can also be used in conditioning one’s hair, if one’s hair is brittle and dry one should try buttering it up for a luxuriant shine, massage a small chunk of butter into the hair shampoo it and rinse.

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Mayonnaise as Conditioner

Mayonnaise is a common method that has been used for several years. It is one of the best natural ways of conditioning the hair, it starts by washing the hair then drying it with a towel, using half cup of mayonnaise massaging it into the hair, and letting it stay for about 15 minutes then shampooing and lightly rinsing the hair. The egg from mayonnaise brings out the best shine that can be found in other conditioners. You can also use one tablespoon of honey in a mug of hot/warm water. Honey is a deep moisturizing; this will give it a great glossy, shiny look after shampooing and conditioning.

Coconut Oil As Conditioner

Coconut oil can also be used to condition your hair, saturate the hair then cover it up with a shower cap, let it marinate then rinse, and use a hot towel for deep conditioning. Avocados can also be used to condition the hair just take one avocado half of it mash it until it is pasted add into it half olive oil then mix it thoroughly, for a fine texture mix with a half banana then mash again, and spread the paste in the hair and let it stay for one hour then rinse well.

Olive Oil As Conditioner

Olive oil is also a good conditioner, apply it to all the tresses of your hair scalp while massaging it, put on a shower cap and leave it overnight shampoo and rinse it in the morning, if you want to speed up the process put the shower cap and wrap it with a hot towel around your head and wait for two hours, then reheat the towel.

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Benefits Of Natural Hair Conditioners

Currently, several people have changed to natural hair products while synthetic products are out because most people go for natural ones. Using natural products for treating the hair is the best since these products are readily available in the market and they can also be made at home depending on one’s time and patience. The natural treatments are very safe, not tested on animals, and environmentally friendly. These products are made depending on the ancient formulas which several people have vouched for. Natural treatment products are very cheap to find and thus, enable one to save a lot of money when purchasing them. When one decides to make them at home, it is quite cheaper because the ingredients that are used are not expensive.

Do Natural Hair Conditioners Have Side Effects

It is true that any kind of hair requires special attention. Other people suffer from excess production of oil which leads to dandruff, some have limp hair and others have dry hair as well. Natural treatments offer a wide range of products that suit each kind of hair and are capable of maintaining one’s hair without any damage.  For the ones who are allergic to synthetic hair products, it is advisable that you turn to natural products since they do not have any side effects.

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