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My baby is not eating properly

“My baby is not eating properly” is the most common words we often hear from parents. This is the major issue during parenting time because the parents themselves were unable to analyze what exactly their babies want to eat. We offer new foods but they don’t eat. This makes the mothers so distress and they start feeling that they are unable to care much for their babies health. Are you also a parent who is really worried about their baby health? If yes, then you are at the right place to clear your all doubts about your baby eating habits.

I am also a mother of a small baby and I want to share my personal experience which will surely help you to know about the baby eating habits. Before we discuss the baby care or kids health and talk in depth about many other things, have a look on some of the major issues that we really face in our daily parenting life which is moreover related to the baby eating problem:

  • Never compare your babies with others in terms of the quantity of food. Many times we start comparing that his baby is eating thrice a day and mine is not or he is eating that food but my baby is not even touching the same food. Always keeps in mind that the need and taste of every child are different. So, don’t panic yourself by comparing your baby with another one.
  • As soon as we become a parent, the number of advice keep showering on us for an infinite time. There is no end of the Children’s health suggestions. As a parent, this is your duty to refine them and know which things are good for your baby. Listen, think and follow them only if it is beneficial and your baby is ready for those changes.
  • “Never Give up” This is the very first thing that you should keep in your mind when you became a parent. Sometimes it happens that you are introducing new food to your baby and he rejected that food. Don’t make your mind that he doesn’t like the food and thus you will not add that to baby food chart. Try the food on some other day but in a different way. Change the taste and try to know how your baby wants to eat.
  • Don’t follow any daily prepared food chart. Feed your baby according to his mood. I am not saying that the food chart is not good. In fact, the chart surely helps the parents to feed their babies with a variety of eatables. But don’t make day by day chart because might your baby don’t want to go with your chart. If the Food chart is working this is very good but if it is not then trying to know about your baby needs.
  • Have fun during the feeding time of your baby. As we know that babies love to play and enjoy at every second of the time. Make different faces or play something which he likes during he takes his foods. This will make him eager to eat so that he can enjoy your fun activities. Yes, I know that you will need a lot of energy on it but anything for our babies.
  • Don’t go on the physical structure of your baby. You keep on giving him fat foods and have many tensions in mind that he is not getting the proper nutrition and thus he is not becoming fat. It might happen that your baby has not chubby cheeks and not a fatty tummy but that doesn’t mean that he is not healthy. By giving a number of fatty foods you will make him unhealthy and indigestion to your baby. It never affects if your baby is fat or slim, but it really affects if he is not active.

These are only some of the major guidelines from my personal experience which every parent should follow if they want a healthy baby.  And parents you will not believe that it really worked for my baby. Analyze your baby, know their likes and dislikes and then make any routine or food chart for your baby.

We have discussed how to feed the baby but the biggest question is what to feed them? How to know what they like? How to know when they are ready to eat? There are many questions which strike our mind when our babies were just started to take solids. So, here we will discuss some of the major things about baby healthy food. Have a look:

Eating Baby

Start with Simple foods: Just after 6 months doctors advise starting solids and formula milk to the babies. You can go with apple puree, boiled potato, messed banana, yogurt etc. These are the first foods which are normally introduced to the babies. Give it in small quantity and check if the food is suited in his body or not. Confirm yourself and then increase the amount of food day by day.

Cereals: After your baby is comfortable with the above-discussed food to give him cereals like raagi, rice, dalia, khichdi, lentils. They are very good and healthy foods for your baby.

Homemade foods: I personally don’t like the packed foods and I have not even given that to my baby. Homemade foods are the best. Yes, I know that the home prepared food takes a lot of time and energy but that is not a big deal as compared to your children’s health.

At the age of one year, you can give almost all types of food to your baby but be sure that is homemade and not allergic to your baby. Enjoy the feeding time of your baby and you will never say that “ My baby is not eating properly”.

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