Benefits Of Mullein

Making the top of the list of the herbs that are naturally capable of offering treatment to the human body, mullein grows as a shrub in warm climatic regions. This beneficial herb which is commonly known as mullein is also referred to as Verbascum. This herb mullein grows on very dry and barren grounds and the most common area to find it is at the edge of the forest.

The mullein contains several compounds which are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, emollient, and antihistaminic, and that have calming effects. Mullein is home to substances like flavonoids, saponins, tennis, glicozide, carotenoids, and glucosidic substances.

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Benefits of mullein

Being a good expectorant, mullein clears out the congestion and in the process, it soothes the mucus membranes that are found in the respiratory tract. This has made mullein very effective in the treatment of bronchitis and coughing. Upon taking the tea which is made from the mullein flowers, lime, colt’s foot leaves, and the plantain, one is sure of getting over the hoarseness. 

The mullein is also a good remedy for stomach-aches bladder dysfunctions and also intestinal inflammations moreover, the mullein decoct which is made from the mullein flowers offers a good treatment for hemorrhoids, burns, and chilblains. 

A mixture of the mullein like the syrup alleviates breathing problems, sleeping disorders, and also coughing. This syrup is made from boiling the mullein flowers in proportions of water and then there is sugar added to it. This mixture is boiled until the fluid turns viscid. If an adult takes up to three spoons a day and a child took one spoonful a day, it is said to yield very good results.

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It is thought to be antispasmodic, where it is good in relieving stomach cramps and it helps in controlling diarrheal. Other major benefits of mullein are

  •  It puts a cover on scraped tissues at the same time protecting them
  •  Mullein soothes and softens irritated skin
  •  The herb also helps shrinks tissues

Mullein is one of the herbs that have shown effectiveness in the treatment of bronchitis, the treatment is done by the use of mullein tea which constitutes emollient and expectorant effects. And for the effectiveness of the mullein against hoarseness, the recommendation is that one should take mullein tea which is made from the mixture of colt’s foot, mullein flowers, and the mallow root. Other diseases that the mullein tea is good at treating is an among them breathing problems, coughing, and the sleeping disorders


Blood cleansing is another benefit of mullein tea, this reduces the blood problems 

There is a combination that is made out of mullein, this compound is known as mullein enemas, mullein enemas is effective for the treatment of spleen and liver disorders

Another effectiveness of mullein is in the urinary tract irritations and treating of the bladder not forgetting hematuria which is the condition of blood in the urine.

Treatments of hemorrhoids, furunculosis are done by the use of the mullein decor and it has over time given results in all these conditions

Insomnia can be combated by the drinking of mullein tea; the same tea will be a good remedy for frayed nerves for it helps in calming them.

Intestinal worms are expelled from the body by the taking of the mullein tea mean that one can have a rubble free stomach from the use of the mullein herb

The mullein herb when crushed in a cup of water is used to make a weak infusion which helps much against dry complexions. When applied to the skin, mullein has anti-inflammatory and emollient effects that show goods results on the complexion if it is applied directly to the skin and its infusion takes good care to the earaches.

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Caution with mullein

Flower petals of the fine puff of the mullein cause itchiness to the skin arms, the neck, and the hands. It, therefore, recommended that contact of the herbs and the hands the eyes too should be highly avoided. To be able to avoid the itchiness brought by the herbs one can put on clothes that have long sleeves and those clothes that will continue up to cover the neck.

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