Mother and daughter

Signs Which Shows Mother Are The Best Friend Of The Daughter

The relation of a mother and daughter can never be compared with any other relation. Our mother is a person who can understand our every feeling even if we don’t express. There is no doubt that every child is closest to their parents and especially girls are attached more to their mothers as they share all the talks with moms.

The three letters word MAA is enough to evoke the hidden emotions and feelings in our heart. This is so true that no one can replace the place of your mother ever in your life. Mother is someone with whom we can always love to spend time. Even a single day or night without her makes us so dull and upset.

Many times a girl fails to understand that her Mom understands her feelings than any other person. As because mothers have to react differently at daughter’s every action so she sometimes misunderstands her. This thing can also bring a gap between mother-daughter relations. But daughters you have to understand that she is the one who can never think to hurt her.

Here are some of the sign which will tell you that your mother is your real best friend:

  1. Secret holder

We all know that a mother is the one with whom we share all the secrets. Our school and college talks, school fights, teachers talks and even about our crushes. Even after our studies, we go on talking with her about our jobs and after marriage life. She is the one on whom we can trust that she will never share our secrets with anyone, not even to our father.

  1. Priority for calling

If your mother is the first person to whom you say all the things by calling when something important happens in our lives then she is your best friend. She holds a special place in your life which makes you tell her all the things.

  1. Best advisor

A mother can never think of her own profit when she will advise you for something. She is very honest to tell us all the things that which is good or bad for us. The other’s may give you advice by thinking about their own profit or might misguide you to makes you down. But a mother will be always our best advisor.

  1. Shopping partner

Mother is an all-time shopping partner and she gives us the best guidelines in selecting the clothes. Mother’s shopping experience, choice, bargaining quality and the right place to shop always works for us in selecting the best attire. We can say her best fashion advisor while we go shopping with her.

  1. Savior

Mother is our saviour and she always rescues us when we are stuck in any of the problem. She always saves us from father’s anger, friends mess up and many other problems can be solved by moms. She is the one who always takes stand for us even if we are slight wrong.

  1. Gifts

Whenever a mom goes for shopping they never forget their daughters and purchase something for us. She knows what type of gifts will make us happy.

  1. Never-ending gossips

Moms are the one with whom our gossip can never end up. Sometimes we keep on talking with her till midnights. Talking with you will surely give you all the latest updates about the neighbours. However, the updates are not important but very best for refreshing minds. I think daughters; you all are also agreed with me.

  1. Hats off chef

There is no doubt that the mothers are our master chef who knows our taste of eating. She knows about our favourite cuisine and prepares that on some of our special occasions. The mind-blowing bite from her hand makes mom our best friends.

  1. Mother’s wardrobe

This is my favourite as I get a well-arranged wardrobe whenever I need it. The collection of traditional clothes, jewellery, and other attires are all mine. Mothers love to give her stuff to their daughter especially the outfits.

Mother and daughter

  1. Magical power

Mom is the one who knows how to cheer up our mood when we upset. She has the magical power to make us happy whenever we will feel low. She is the one who gives us strength whenever we need. When no one is with us, our moms are the one who takes stand for us.

  1. Strict

As she is not only our best friend but also a mother so she has to manage a thin line of strictness with us. It is not all the time that we can be treated like a princess. Sometimes she gets strict with us just for our goodness. So, don’t ruin your relation to that because she is rude to you because somewhere we are wrong.

  1. Motivator

Moms are that person who keeps on motivating us for all the things which help us in achieving success.

  1. Love you

She is the one who loves you unconditionally and your looks and you will not make her stop to love you. She loves you like no other and accepts all your flaws.

  1. No jealous feelings

Unlike your other friends, the moms will never feel jealous of us for anything. She will accept all our things happily without feeling jealous. The other friends may get jealous of us.

  1. No complexion feeling

This is somehow very funny but if your mother is your best friend then you don’t have to think about complexion feelings with your best friend. Even there will be no boyfriend stealing fear issue with her.

  1. Proud feeling

If your mom always feels proud of your doings then she is surely your best friend. Sometimes our moms feel proud because of nothing but having such a beautiful daughter. So, every little thing makes our mother feels proud as she is our well-wisher and a good friend.

If you think that the above-discussed points are very much common between you and your mom then surely she is your best friend. Respect your mothers and accept her all the decisions because she is one who can never think anything negative for you.

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