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Most Common Hair Color Mistakes

There are several mistakes that could make your hair coloring go awry. Try to avoid them by following hair color application instructions carefully.  Two mistakes that occur very often are (1) hair turning a strange shade of orange, purple or green due to some wrong procedures adopted and (2) a failed attempt to try and color your hair in a completely different color than its original shade.  Mixing colors without the help of a professional hair stylist can also lead to several ‘colorful’ accidents in hair dyeing.

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Some tips to correct hair color mistakes

The purple problem:
Hair turns a purple if one of these occur

  • The color applied earlier on your hair was still present in the remnant and it reacted negatively with the new shade you just tried to apply
  • The color you chose had purple tones which became predominant due to some mistake in the application procedure

To rectify the purple problem, it is advisable to avoid red shaded colors for at least thirty days.  Use only neutral colors like brown that are darker than the original shade of your hair (not lighter).  These colors will cover the purple shade.  Also, keep away from any shade of burgundy to avoid purple hair. If, however, you really want to maintain the red, choose the product from a range of auburn shades and mix it with darker shades of brown, taking care to see both hair color products are from the same manufacturer.

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Overly orange

If you especially try to color your hair into the strawberry blonde shade, there is a good probability that your hair will turn orange if there is some error in the procedure.  The error could be either that you used too much of the same color (about 2/3 boxes of the same color instead of mixing 2/3 appropriate shades) or that the existing color on the hair, may have reacted with the new shade you applied.

To rectify this, you have to stay away from the red shades for about a month.  For coloring hair, use dark tones that will camouflage the orange.   The orange hue can be avoided if you mix the strawberry blond shade, for instance, with an auburn shade and a shade that is a combination of rich red and brown colors.  Avoid colors that proclaim to have the ‘ash’ shade.

The grim greens:

If you are trying to color your hair with a shade that has a name containing the word “ash’ then any mistake in the procedure will result in your hair turning green in color.  The best way to avoid this mistake is to avoid buying shades that have the wood ash in the name… Ash Brown, for instance.

The green color on hair is not too easy to camouflage or remove.  You can either visit a beauty salon to rectify the problem (where the green color is removed and your hair is re-colored) or you can resort to skillful highlighting at home.  The highlighting streaks can be strategically placed in order to hide the green tint while shampooing regularly will fade the color away.

Another smart ideas to remove green tint from hair is to

  • Soak hair in tomato juice for a couple of hours and wash it
  • Using chlorine removing shampoo

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The other shades

The usual way to correct hair color mistakes is by re-coloring the hair with a darker shade. Meanwhile, you can opt for a newer hairstyle that suits the shape of your face better, in order to draw attention away from the color of your hair.

Herbal shades:

Another simple way to avoid hair color mistakes is to resort to herbal hair coloring.  The popular herbal colorants are henna, chamomile, calendula, rhubarb root, and lemon.  Herbal shades can cover grey, highlight hair, and add sheen to your hair.

They are mild, natural, and safe.  They would also not turn your hair into green, purple, or orange!   The only disadvantage of herbal colors is that they fade faster than artificial dyes as they do not contain the specific chemicals to hold on to hair color. You should follow instructions carefully to apply herbal colorants effectively.

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