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Moms tips to keep your baby Healthy

The good health of a baby depends on the care of his parents. It’s very obvious that babies will get ill. The cough & cold is the most common infection from which toddlers have to suffer a number of times. Instead of this, there are many other cases of flu, infections, fever, and allergies are there which normally catch the baby’s health very quickly. Sometimes the baby falls sick because of the weather but sometimes he has to suffer because of less attention and cares towards him.

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Who doesn’t want a healthy baby! But sometimes the situations arise when the parents were unable to take care of their babies properly. The reason can be anything like lack of time, lack of interest, being busy in a joint family, unplanned feeding time, and many more. The slight negligence of a baby can lead him unhealthy and had to suffer from colic. Care for your baby and give him the first priority. Today we are here with some of the basic and very easy caring tips for a baby which will help you in keeping a healthy baby.

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All the babies are sensitive but we have to take care a little bit more for the premature, newborns and the babies below 6 months of age. Experienced parents can take care of their second baby very carefully. But for first-time parents, it is quite difficult to care for every little thing. We are here to help them by sharing some of the healthy caring tips for baby.

Let’s have a look at How to care for newborns and premature babies:

  • Vaccination: The very first health care tip is to vaccinate your baby on time to avoid any serious disease. The Flu vaccine, polio, typhoid, jaundice, pox, and many more disease vaccine. You will get a different vaccine at different ages. Take care of the correct time to vaccine your baby. All the pediatrics says that vaccination is very important for the baby to enjoy a healthy body for a lifetime.
  • Smoke or pollution: Keep your baby away from smoking, pollution, factories, and places where there is too much pollution. Smoke of any kind can harm the baby’s lungs and internal parts. Their body is so sensitive that they will be easily affected by infections. Don’t allow any member of your family or friends to smoke in the house.

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  • Hygienic care for clothes: Wash the baby’s cloth after one-time use. Many parents don’t wash the cotton nappies after one pee of their baby. But it is wrong. The pee attracts much harmful fungus towards it which can harm the genitals of the baby. After washing the baby’s clothes you can soak them in Dettol to avoid germs. My baby is of 13 months but I still use Dettol for his hygienic safety.
  • Outfits: Make the selection of baby clothes according to the weather. If it’s hot summer use pure cotton clothes and if it is winter climate, dress them well to avoid cold. The clothes should be clean and dry.
  • Bathing: Bath your baby with a sponge to protect their soft skin from the hard touch of hands. Infants and newborns are so sensitive and they should be handled with care. Bathing a newborn baby is the hardest task according to me. They are so soft to give them a bath. I think only experienced hands can do this task very well. If you are a new parent then don’t panic so much. Give them a bath slowly and take care of their navel.
  • Prams and cradle: If you are using prams and cradle then look after its cleanliness. If you are taking them outside then do care for mosquito nets.
  • Diapers: If it’s summertime for your delivery and try to avoid diapers. Use as much less as you can to avoid bacterial infections. My baby was born at the starting of March but I totally ignored the diapers. Hardly 4-5 times I wore him diapers till his 6 months of age. If still, you need to use diapers then take care to change them on time.

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These are some of the caring tips for newborns. Now we will talk discuss some other basic baby health care tips. Check Out:

  • Avoid hand sanitizers: If your baby had started taking his hands in mouth and over his eyes then avoid using the sanitizers. The sanitizers contain alcohol and many other chemicals which will indirectly go into the baby’s tummy.
  • Let’s Play them: Let your baby play itself because it will build his immune power as well as many other body parts. Don’t make your baby habitual for laps as it will not make your baby habit to move his hands and legs.
  • Avoid medicines: The medicines for every little thing will make your baby’s body habitual to consume medicine. Try to use home remedies to get rid of small diseases like cough & cold, loose motions, indigestions. But if you feel that home remedies are not working then do consult with doctors.
  • Toys: Keep the toys and other playing kinds of stuff of baby clean and hygienic. The kids have a habit of taking all the things in their mouth and dirty toys will let them eat the dust.

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  • Hydrated: If your baby is above six months then make sure to give him water on time to make his body hydrated.
  • Healthy solid foods: If you have started giving solids to your baby then give them only the healthy foods. Try to give them homemade food as much as possible to avoid any type of allergies and infections in the stomach.

Some of the basic tips for parents:

  • Wash your hands before touching your baby.
  • Remove shoes outside the home.
  • keep yourself hygienic
  • Breastfeed your baby frequently.
  • Clean your breasts before feeding your baby.

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