Moisturizers For Acne Prone Skin

Unlike what many people think, even acne-prone and oily skins need the nourishment of a moisturizer to keep the skin healthy, glowing, and clean. Only, you have to remember to buy the right type of moisturizer. Using a moisturizer not suitable for your skin can lead to devastating results.

Choosing the right moisturizer for an acne-prone skin

Here are some tips that will help you pick up the right product to enhance your complexion. 

Decide whether you want a cream or a lotion. Lotions are lighter than creams.
Moisturizers with no fragrance and that are hypoallergenic are ideal for people with sensitive skin.
Seek the advice of people you know, who have found the right product to address their acne problem.
Some believe that jojoba oil helps treat acne. Jojoba oil is not actually an oil, but the wax found in the seeds of the jojoba tree. If approved by the dermatologist, you can consider a moisturizer that contains this ingredient.
Moisturizers that contain jojoba oil are usually more expensive. However, those who use it regularly claim that the benefits seen in using the product cancel out the high cost.
The SPF factor of the product is also important as sunscreens help prevent cancer and retard aging of the skin. Some products that address acne like benzoyl peroxide, Accutane, and Benzamycin make the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Then it
becomes very important to choose a cream with a good SPF factor.
Check up what the label says about the product. For oily skins, a moisturizer should have “oil free’ on the label or say non-acnegenic. Water-based, rather than oil-based moisturizers are good for acne-prone skins.
Check up whether the humectant (a substance added to any product to retain the latter’s moisture content like glycerin, sorbitol, or lactic acid) in the moisturizer is suitable.

Exfoliating agents help in cell desquamation (when dead skin cells are replaced by younger cells); choose a moisturizer that has exfoliating agents like salicylic acid or retinol. This is effective for mild acne.
For those who are already using prescribed medication for severe acne, using moisturizers with exfoliating agents may irritate the skin, cause it to flake or peel. Seek the advice of the dermatologist about moisturizers with exfoliating agents.
Choose a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic. This kind of product helps prevent clogged pores.
An anti-bacterial ingredient in the moisturizer will help prevent further breakout.

Which Moisturizer Is Best For Sensitive Acne Prone Skin

As most moisturizers do not have the FDA label, you have no way of knowing whether the product will suit you. Professional advice, careful scrutiny of the label, and some safety testing will help you find the best cream suited for your skin.

The price of the moisturizer need not influence your decision to buy it. So often it is seen that while you consider a more expensive product to be better, your skin responds favorably to a less expensive one. How well the product helps in keeping the acne in check is more significant.

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