Millennials not caring for their old parents

Children are led, fed, and guided by their parents in their childhood days, but as we become adults and get busy looking for better opportunities in the west. We forget about old aging parents and do not look after them in their old days. It is everyone’s duty to take care of their parents as they have done the same for you. It is all about the emotional bond and accepting your responsibility as an offspring. Millennial getting married: after that no care for parents.

Elderly people look for emotional needs to be met. But the new generation is quite busy providing them with the comfort and security that a home care provider can never give. Parents care is bliss, after all, they have done a lot for their offspring in their formative years of life. Leaving them when they need you the most isn’t a good idea. They need trust, cooperation, help from their families. And family care is the need of the hour when all the structures of families are fragmented these days. If the elderly are there in the family, it is not four walls; it becomes home after all. They also take care of children and give them the most important values they gained with experience.

They’re our own parents and if they’re old and a little cranky- then it’s not a big deal because when you were young and impulsive – they were with you all the time. They managed all your tantrums, and the fulfillment of your dreams was a number one priority for them.
Don’t abandon your responsibilities; if your freedom is being curbed talk to them, communicate and find answers.  But sending them to an old age home isn’t a good sight to behold. We should have goals for them like visiting them every now and then if they stay apart or taking them for vacations. There should be socialization too.


The real scenario of today’s generation

What we fail to realize is that, as we’re getting modern and updated; elders remain our pillar of strength. They’re the ones who brought us to this life and went the extra mile to give us luxurious life. They did everything they could so that we could live the way we want to live and they helped in crossing every path of life. It’s a kind of a shame, that we’re heading towards a society where we don’t value our culture. And we copy other cultures which isn’t the right thing to do. We abandon our own blood in the name of modernity.

Taking care of elderly parents is difficult especially when they fall sick. And it is a lot of responsibility on the offspring part, it is a big compromise and sacrifice in your own life too.
Even their childhood was full of compromises by their parents, but the new generation doesn’t understand this. They are forgetting all the sacrifices made by parents to raise them the way up to society’s expectations as they gave them every single-handedly luxury. Though there are positive stories too where offspring take care of their parents but it is a minimal case where they affectionately love their parents and do not send them away to old age home.

Think of a mother as the epitome of love where she sacrifices every inch of comfort for their son/daughter. And remember when she grows old, she feels alone because there is nobody to take care of her. And it isn’t the duty of only sons; it is the duty of daughters also to take care of their parents in old age.

In the name of career, western life, gender equality, modern thought,  we started giving up our culture. For example, My dad has spent his life providing better education, shelter, etc to me. My mom spent her entire life-giving care, food, love, affection, etc. Now, it is my duty to pay back/reciprocate to them by taking care really well. It also means being physically present for all their needs and fulfilling them or having a desire to care for them.

As per my view its a matter of pleasure and luck if you get a chance to be with your parents at their old age. Though
Corporate culture, careers, time, aspirations, and zeal also come in between. But the new generation should remove the gaps and take care of the old generation as well with proper love, time, and affection.

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