Millennial getting married: after that no care for parents

We are getting modern day-by-day but we are leaving behind our values somewhere else. As soon as we become adults and get married that we have a family of our own. We leave our parents and send them to old age homes. We do not care for them as if we are not related by blood with them.

They helped so much in our childhood, they took care of us when we were infants, they took the responsibility of ours, they let us get to know how to speak and walk; and here we are, not taking responsibility for them in old age. We behave as if we are not their child. We act as a third person and do not empathize with them.

We are leaving behind our cultural values and traditions and don’t want to include them in our new family. But who knows when you get old, you have to be the one who lives alone and not with their own family. So, one should keep this in mind as we sow so shall we reap.  Even they take care of your children even when they are old and feeble; they play with them and impart the values.

That you need to make time to sit with your loved ones and create memories with them while having a cup of tea. You should give them enough time to think through things.

  1. That people are more important than “things.”
  2. That you should not force them to remember things and Keep spending time with them with plenty of hugs.
  3. They still need our love and compassion and need to be treated with respect and love.
  4. To allow them to live in the moment put their mind at ease. Keep balance and calm as their mind wanders. They may be a child at one moment looking for their mom or the next moment they may be worried about their child.
  5. That you should appreciate the good times you have with your loved one, Love them through the confusion.
  6. To help them live their lives truthfully and create moments of joy for them.
  7. Things you regret are the things you never did.
  8. The heart remembers long after the mind forgets.
  9. That it is important to enjoy life every day. Laugh through the confusion and be in the present with them. Give them enough time and add a cherry to their cakes when they celebrate their old birthdays.
  10. They need our love and care and affection in any case.
  11. That when we will grow old we will also become more experienced and much more sensitive towards things and people.
  12. Happiness is in giving them time unconditionally.
  13. They know about a few things better than us almost.
  14. They may not have ‘ideas’ but they had an ideal life in the true sense.
  15. That as much as they need us we need them & their presence more in our simple and daily lives.


As soon as we reach marriage age and we get bright opportunities in the west, we start our own life and leave parents behind. This is not done, as we have our Hindu culture and we should communicate with our parents as much as they did when we were in our childhood. They took care of us from clothes to our toys. They took the stress of our needs and fulfilled each and every education need and shelter and clothing need.

We should pay them in return when we grow as an adult. We should take care of their medical conditions and we should take care of them emotionally and mentally. Instead of discarding them, we should respect them as they are the main part of our lives and played a big role in our development when we were kids and couldn’t take care of ourselves.

We should give them love and affection. We should sit with them and talk. We should share things that are disturbing them. Rather what we do is millennials get married and do not take care of their old parents. Though we are getting educated we are not educated in the real sense as one should go and respect their parents in old age as they have done for us a lot.

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