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Migraine and Gluten Free Diet

Migraine is one of the neurological syndromes illustrated by distorted bodily perceptions, nausea, and severe headaches. Migraine headache is a more common neurological condition prevalent in both men and women across the world. The symptoms of migraine include vomiting, nausea, phonophobia, and photophobia that can last for two days. Nearly one-third of people suffering from migraine headaches have blurred vision or develop momentary blind spots.

Today researchers with the latest technology have studied the relationship between a gluten-free diet and migraine headaches. According to studies, there is a significant link between the two, as those individuals who opted for a gluten-free diet perceived relief from migraine headaches. In addition, there are several cases to prove that gluten, a dietary protein may set off migraine headaches. The immune response to gluten protein that damages the villi in the small intestine would result in irregular brain activity that could lead to migraine headaches. In case if an individual suffers from frequent migraines, then he can opt for a gluten-free diet for relief.

Migraine is not a common symptom of celiac disease, that’s related to gastrointestinal issues like abdominal and cramping. The other common symptoms like panic and vertigo attacks provide sufficient evidence of a neurological link. Due to malabsorption, there are secondary diseases that manifest into migraine head caches. The body will easily respond to gluten-free diets by reducing the production of gliadin and IgA antibodies once when an individual opts for a gluten-free regimen. Hence one can find relief from severe migraine headaches.


Not only the individuals suffering from gluten sensitivity but also those who want to get rid of migraine headaches can go for gluten-free dietary habits. But it would be better for everyone to consult a doctor before trying out a gluten-free regimen. Because it may take a long or short time period for an individual’s body to get adjusted for these types of regimens. Once when the body is set to intake the gluten-free food items automatically, one can witness relief from several disorders related to the skin and intestine. By continually taking a healthy diet from gluten protein, one can eradicate gluten sensitivity completely. In case if an individual delays the diagnosis or treatment, he will be at a higher risk of developing diseases related to the nervous system or brain.

There are several benefits of a gluten-free diet like it increases blood flow from the brain to other parts of the body, reduces the frequency of migraines, minimizes the intensity of migraines, and shortens the duration of migraine headaches. Other than this the individuals suffering from the following disease or disorders can earn large benefits from gluten free regimen: Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuromyelitis, neuropathies, seizure, autism, ataxia, reduces allergic symptoms, Down’s syndrome, osteoporosis, diabetes, and anemia. 

A gluten-free diet contains natural vegetables, fruits, bread, potato, soy, rice, buckwheat, and quinoa. As a result of its popularity in today’s market, there are numerous organic food manufacturers offering gluten-free food items at affordable prices for customers. So if you want to have a healthy life free from diseases or disorders then go for a gluten-free regimen.

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