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Mentally preparing for pregnancy after miscarriage

Introduction:  Miscarriage is the sudden, unexpected death of the fetus and the natural removal of it from the uterus. There is no one reason for the miscarriage. It may be because of many abnormalities in the child due to the chromosomes of the baby. Sometimes, the health condition such as diabetes, uterus problems of the mother can also be one of the reasons for miscarriage. Many have a misconception that having sex while pregnant, going to the office will lead to spontaneous abortion. The reason why the child develops an abnormality is unknown, till now. Less than 20% of pregnant women end up losing their babies through a miscarriage. Many of them hardly know that they are carrying.

Control your emotions:

It is an unfortunate event which upsets the women and if it has happened recently, you need time to cope up with it. Many women would be shattered and would develop anxieties for their next pregnancy too. The healing process will happen slowly as you might have dreamed of completing your family and you have lost your dreams, now. Stillbirth is not like a physical injury. Mental injury takes its own time to heal completely. These women can be a victim of emotions as there is a gradual process of hormonal balance that takes place due to stillbirth. This is how your body comes to terms that it is not pregnant, you may not accept it, though.

Cry your heart out:

Your dream to become a mother would have been so old. When the doctor broke the news that you are carrying, the feeling might have taken you to a different world. The dream shatters within a week, or so after that, it takes time to accept the reality. In such a situation, cry your heart out. You will feel better. The fact that the baby hasn’t even come into your life is wrong. The moment you realize its presence in your womb, it is your child. To lead a mentally healthy life after a miscarriage, you have to struggle a little. Let the sorrow escape from your heart gradually.

Be a part of the group that has women who undergo a similar kind of feeling. In spite of your best efforts if you are not able to find happiness, go back to your health care provider who will suggest a good counsellor for you.

Put in concerted efforts:

Whenever a wife loses her baby, it is a loss for the couple as a whole. The only difference is a man conceals his feeling, whereas a woman cries her heart out. When a husband hides his grief and doesn’t open up the topic in front of his wife, she feels he is acting indifferently. Put in joint efforts and try to be happy consoling each other. Husbands can always say soothing words or take her to a different place to help her forget the loss.

Try to conceive again:

Majority of the women think after a miscarriage, there is no chance to get pregnant again. They become mentally sick and weak. Some women may have a doubt about whether they can start trying to get pregnant immediately. Consult a medical practitioner to clear the doubt. It is absolutely safe to try one period’s cycle after miscarriage. Generally, women get their period 4 to 5 weeks after a miscarriage. Try after that. Chances are high that you will get pregnant again.

If you still have doubts, don’t entertain it and kill your happiness. Consult a gynac who will first ask you to undergo many tests to confirm the reason for the miscarriage. 3 out of 4 cases become pregnant again within no time and complete the pregnancy cycle to give birth to a healthy baby.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle:

If you are a regular smoker, quit smoking. If you are addicted to coffee or tea and take it many times a day, reduce the intake of caffeine. This will help you get pregnant easily. Start taking folic acid tablets even before conception. Stay physically and mentally fit if you want to get pregnant soon.

Have a smiling face: After so much of grief, let the smile slip off your lips. Try to haggle with yourself to come to the present. Have a smiling face always. This will help you to come out of the grief.

Don’t listen to others’ comments:

If any of your friends say miscarriage is nothing to worry about, don’t feel sad for their indifferent behaviour. Usually, lots of them may not understand what is going on with you. Leave all the negative thoughts and feelings aside.

In short, losing a fetus in the womb is an unfortunate event that takes time to heal. Don’t be so fragile and lose hope. Stop dwelling in the past and move on. There is a high chance that you might be pregnant again and deliver a healthy baby. Don’t pay heed to others’ words when they are apathetic towards you.

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