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Times have changed – in this time and age when men are getting metrosexual, skin care for men is becoming quite a need for them to match with the opposite sex in terms of style, grooming, and their personal presentation. The daily skin care for men now does not only include bathing daily with soap but also working towards getting the desired look he is looking for to compete with the fairer sex. Recently one survey was published in Cosmopolitan magazine and found that American men are very passionate and conscious about their beauty & health.

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The daily skincare for men should begin with some basics of body care.

Most of the men feel that going to the saloon is the best way of taking care of their skin, but then there are other ways to take care of men’s skin. They should work on removing stress and worried looks on their face and should first work on removing the stress. This is the basic layout of taking care of men’s skin and also the foundation to work towards improving the quality of the skin in return taking care of their skin.

Men’s skin care – Tip I -Men must understand that their skin is more oily than women’s skin and therefore to take care of their skin they should keep cleaning their face with a cleanser after back from outside to clean the pollutants which might just stick to the skin making it dull.

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Men skin care – Tip II – Men should also make it a point to apply sunscreen on their face whenever they are moving out in the heat keeping their skin fresh, wrinkle-free, clean, and young. They should also wear clothes that absorb sweat so that their skin avoids rashes and sunburns leading to skin cancer. Men’s skin care products also help in protecting direct rays of the sun on the skin.

Men skin care – Tip III – Products include no soap cleanser for oily skin which will not cause further damage to the skin, protects from irritation, eruption if any, and should only use cleanser without alcohol for a cool and rejuvenating feel of the skin.

Men skin care – Tip IV – Since men have very rough skin due to shaving and the use of razors every day, they should protect their skin from exfoliation. There are lots of scrubs to protect their skin from exfoliation. Men skin care products are very important in today’s age as there is so much pollution that does not leave their skin flabby, hanging, and full of wrinkles. Men’s skin care products also include some sponges that they can use to scrub their elbows, heels. These sponges should not though be used for face cleaning as they might leave some pigmentation if exposed.

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Men’s skin care – Tip V – The most important tip used for men’s skin care is they should make it a routine to first cleanse and then shave and then again tone with aftershave. Men with Oily skin can avoid moisturizers. The men who have beards should clean their beards with a moisturizer or toner during the evenings.

Men skin care – Tip VI – We have seen that men often shop for clothes, hairstyles and accessories like shoes; they mostly overlook their skin care. Men skin care needs specialized skin care products that are good, fast to use, and not difficult. There are lots of men’s skin care products available in the market which fulfill these requirements. It just that men have to be conscious enough to understand that from their younger days they have to be very conscious of taking care of their skin, using and selecting the right skin care products for men so that as they start growing older they do not have to pay extra attention to care their skin as they have been doing so in their early years.

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Men skin care – Tip VII– Sometimes men start having this extra hair growth problem like extra hair on the chin, face, back, and shoulders which requires care. There are 2 methods of solving this problem. One could be, to keep shaving these hairs regularly which is a problem, as it might cause irritation, cuts, or patches which is not a very good proposition. The second and better way of taking care of their skin and stopping the growth of extra hair in unwanted areas is to go for laser treatment which solves permanent hair growth problems.

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