Top makeup tips for women over 40 years that work like magic

Makeup is considered as an amazing tool that beautifies your personality. A woman adores herself in makeup. It makes her feel confident and true to herself. Makeup brings out the real you within you. It is often seen that woman over 40 years of age tend to use makeup more often. Also, makeup can amend the last-minute crisis in case you are getting ready for some special occasion. Makeup ignites the magical spark within the 40s woman and glorifies their personality manifolds.

Given below are some of the interesting makeup tips for the woman above ’40s that can help them to retain their natural beauty and rebuild a sense of pride within their spirits:

Always apply blusher with a smile

Blush on the face gives you an attractive look and make your cheeks rosy. But if you do not apply it in correct proportion or apply too much you will look like a crown instead of a model. So go for a simple technique that depends on the shape of your face. Every woman has different face shapes and thus different techniques. So an easy tip for applying blusher properly is that just fake a big smile and apply blush on the high cheekbones.

Choose a foundation instead of powder

You should always choose a foundation on your skin over powder. As powder makes you look older. So always go for the foundation. You can choose a foundation color according to your skin tone. Some women use a foundation which does not suit their skin tone. Too much or too dark shade will not work. In fact, this is one of the makeup mistakes that usually happens. So remember to choose the correct color of foundation according to your skin which makes your skin look more flawless.

Always use a natural product

Always use makeup products which are gentle on your skin. You can use natural scrub or packs on your skin like Aloe Vera gel, honey, turmeric, milk, rosewater. They all are natural products and after apply gives you a glowing natural skin. Natural products completely absorbed in your skin. They improve oxygen and blood flow to the skin. They even help to repair your damage. So always go for natural products instead of products having harsh chemicals. Using natural products also protect you from premature aging. They are really better for you and actually works effectively. In fact, natural products are highly recommended by all as it may bring back your radiant and even youthful glow.

Use lip balm before applying Lipstick

Before applying lipstick don’t forget to use lip balm before applying it. There is a reason behind this. Lip balm actually provides you extra hydration. There are a few steps for applying lipstick. First, outline your lips with the help of liner then fill in either using a lip brush or you can also use your finger to apply the color of your choice. You can also make use of concealer of the same color over all lip. Don’t spread your lipstick outside as your outer lip line may fade due to aging which makes lipstick bleeds. Always choose the right shade of lipstick which matches your skin color perfectly.

Preserve your under eye area

Don’t forget the area under the eyes. This is the most sensitive area and should be treated well. Actually, eyes are the first area where aging begins. So to prevent aging early you should follow the following tip. So at the beginning of your makeup, remember to brighten the under eye area. Just press gently under each eye. Don’t put pressure on that area. You can use brighteners for your under eye skin to look smooth.

Makeup tips

Avoid sparkling eyeshadows

In order to keep your eyes beautiful, say no to sparkle. Using sparkles on your eyes may loosen your skin in that area as at a particular age your skin will go through some dramatic changes. So just stay away from shining eyeshadows that may make your eyes tires. Moreover, always use a natural palette to make your eyes look bigger and more defined. It is advisable to make use of shimmer instead of shining eyeshadows.

Apply less makeup

Over makeup is the common mistake that women over 40 might make. For natural look just go for less makeup. In fact, less makeup is highly recommended to make your skin healthier. Too much makeup makes your skin dead. In your vision may be you look lovely. But others may see your dark circles, uneven skin, lifeless skin, dark lips, etc. So always apply Makeup in less quantity just to brighten your skin.

Don’t use eyeliner to your lower lashes

It is one of the common makeup tips for women over 40. With age, eyes are becoming weak. So it is recommended to use eyeliner only on upper eyes to brighten your eyes. Actually wear eyeliner on your bottom lid makes your eyes look smaller. So don’t risk in making your eyes appear smaller.

Don’t forget your brows

Having a perfect brow makes your face more beautiful. When you are younger your eyebrows are fuller. But when you are in the process of aging, you are left with thin brows. So here you need to maintain your brows in order to look older. Just fill the thin brows using the pencil color which matches the color of your brows. It will enhance your beauty and your brows will look soft and feathery. So you need to give your first attention to your brows and maintain your youthful look again.

Final Words

Thus, makeup can work wonders on your skin. It can make you look younger and more delightful. Also make sure that you don’t overdo any kind of makeup as it will make you look a bit shabby or different from your real personality.  These tips will surely guide the elderly woman to embrace their beauty with a smile and a little bit of makeup upon it.

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