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Lunch Box Diet

The lunch box diet is created by a renowned personal trainer named, Simon Lovell. The concept of lunch box diet is based on the concept of carrying healthy foods in your lunch box so that you can eat them throughout the day. According to Simon, one should eat small portions of snacks throughout the day instead of gorging everything at one go. When a person tends to eat small portions of meals throughout the day, then the stomach becomes smaller, and the propensity to overeat during the time dinner decreases. As per the lunch box diet, one should carry around sixty percent vegetables, thirty percent protein-filled foods, and ten percent salad in their lunch box. This sort of segregation would ensure that a person is getting a balanced diet.

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Some of the most recommended foods in the lunch box diet consist of beetroot, broccoli, zucchini, chicken, etc. Foods such as pasta, brown rice, etc, that contain a high amount of carbohydrates are only recommended for people who are physically active. Certain types of fruits are also recommended in the diet. The lunch box diet is meant for people who do not want to count the calories every time they have a meal. Since snacks are such an integral part of the lunch box diet, it is also liked by people who like to have snacks at regular intervals. The lunch box diet is quite flexible and gives a person a lot of choices through which they can cater to their own needs. With the lunch box diet, one can retain stable levels of energy throughout the day. The lunch box diet is also beneficial for people who have the habit of skipping meals because it endorses having snacks throughout the day. Many people tend to eat unhealthy when they are stressed out at work. But cultivating a habit of eating healthy snacks throughout the day will prevent them to gorge on unhealthy snacks. 

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A lunch box diet is a good option for people who do not want to get involved in a complicated diet plan and this sort of diet works well with beginners. Through this diet, one can learn how to consume a balanced diet. With the lunch box diet, one can make the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables which is the foundation for almost every effective diet. There are many celebrities who have endorsed the lunch box diet and the reviews related to this diet are quite positive.

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