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Looking For The Best Laser Hair Removal Solution

Laser hair removal has gained popularity in the past few years because the cost has been reduced quite significantly. A large number of women opt for laser hair removal if they are tired of temporary hair removal techniques and want to get rid of the hair once and for all. These women usually have thick or visible hair on their cheeks, upper lip, or chin and want to get rid of it permanently.

A major limitation of laser hair removal is that it does not work for everybody who is looking to remove unwanted hair permanently. Laser beams technically trap the melanin that is present in dark hair and consequently destroy the hair follicles. Therefore, those who have light hair cannot opt for laser hair removal due to the absence of melanin.

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One is required to sit for a number of sessions when one opts for laser hair removal. Every individual reacts differently to laser beams and therefore, a doctor must always make sure that the results are being achieved as desired. After the process is over, some people may be asked to visit every month so that the doctor can provide further advice. The length and duration of each session depend on the texture of the hair, skin color, and the quantity of hair that has to be removed.

Laser hair removal treatments are risky– there is no doubt about it. Even though the side effects are not serious and some people are not affected at all, a few side effects include mild burns and a slight change in skin color. After the treatment is over, the doctor may advise you to apply some gels or soothing lotion in order to calm the skin.

Laser hair removals are extremely effective and remove unwanted hair permanently from the roots. However, the cost may be an obstacle for some. 

The following factors are to be kept in mind when the cost of laser hair removal is in question

  1. The size of the problem area is a major factor. If one wants to remove unwanted hair from their legs or back, the cost will be a bit steep. However, if the problem area is smaller such as the upper lip or the chin, the user does not have to worry too much in this respect.
  2. Naturally, the amount of hair to be removed also affects the cost of laser hair removal. Removing small quantities is not expensive whereas if one wants to remove a large amount of unwanted hair, comparatively, it will cost a bit more.
  3. The texture of the hair must also be considered as the coarser the hair, the more expensive the treatment is.
  4. If the unwanted hair grows in a particular pattern that does not change; it is easier to remove it. Therefore, the cost in such cases is not that much. However, if the hair grows in different directions and differently each time, the cost may be a bit steep.
  5. Skin tone is also a factor that affects the cost of laser hair removal. It has been said that removing hair from dark skin costs more. The treatments may be longer and greater in number which increases the cost.

The above factors definitely affect the cost of laser hair removal. However, the largest point to be kept in mind is the number of sittings one will have to undergo for the process to be complete. At least six sittings are mandatory. Additional sittings may have to be undergone by those who need to remove hair that is coarse or thick. Those that have thin and fine hair need not spend that much as the sittings are fewer. One has to pay after each session as the results are deduced after every session.

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Different centers rely on different methods of payment. These include

  1. Flat fees are those that are charged to every individual, irrespective of the above-mentioned factors. Naturally, those that require a large number of sessions will benefit while those that need to remove light, thin hair should opt for other methods.
  2. Per-Minute fees are those that are charged on the basis of the length of the sessions.
  3. Per Pulse fees are those that depend on the manner of the operation of the laser machine.

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