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List Of Weird Ways To Get Healthy

Getting healthy is very important, but ways to remain healthy can be boring. However, there are a few weird ways that can help you to be healthy and you don’t have to put extra effort to do them. Basically, they are methods or things that we do in our daily life, but without their significance.

Sometimes we go through lazy days and want to reboot ourselves, there are a few simple, but weird methods that will help you to remain healthy and they will reboot your mind as well as body.

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Here are some of them that will help you to revitalize yourself, but in a weird way:

Nap: after you have spent time working and you are feeling tired, try a nap. It will help you to regain your energy, and brain power and prepare you to work again. A midday nap is very helpful as it helps us to reserve the natural energy in our bodies. It basically allows our brain to consolidate what we have learned in the day. This is the reason; children are mostly encouraged to have an afternoon nap. However, the main thing to remember is that this nap should not be more than an hour otherwise it will be a disturbance in your night’s sleep.

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Get yourself on a beach chair: sitting on a beach chair and enjoying nature’s way is very healthy. When you do so, you get oxygen-rich air to breathe in and that is healthy. Basically near the beach the ocean waves, turnouts, sunlight, and wind help to break the air molecule apart. This creates negative ions that are mood bolsters. They can increase serotonin, and weigh down the dust particles down so that they are dropped to the ground and therefore makes the air richer in oxygen.

Go for a stroll: it is not necessary that you will find a beach in your area. In such cases strolling help. When a person goes for a stroll, he gets oxygen-rich air to breathe in. The best thing will be to go for stroll in a natural beauty-rich area.

Keep your windows open in the daytime: being in AC every time is not good for your health. Open the windows and let the fresh air come inside for you to get oxygen-rich air.

Kissing: yes it is weird, but kissing helps. It can help you to fight cold and flu. When two individuals kiss each other they exchange bacteria back and forth. This helps in boosting the immune system.

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Sex: it helps a person to be healthy as it produces an immune-boosting protein called as immunoglobulin A (IgA). This protein helps to keep the pathogens at bay.

Listening to music: according to research, IgA is produced while listening to music for about 30 minutes. It helps to unwind your mood and body especially when you are too stressed.

There are various other things that help you to unwind like playing, drinking coffee, sitting in the sauna, avoiding a very hot climate, and fast walking.

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