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Linn Lowes is an Instagram influencer who is famous for her Instagram videos related to motivation, fitness, lifestyle, and diet plans. She is a cancer survivor. Her cancer journey inspired her to choose health and fitness as her career so that she could make people realize the importance of health and fitness in their life. Currently, she is an ambassador of Women’s best which supplies vegan supplements.

Name: Linn Lowes

Birthdate: October 6, 1987

Age: 32 years old (in 2019)

Place of birth: Sweden

Horoscope: Libra

Nationality: Swedish

Ethnicity: Swedes

Profession: Fitness trainer

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Short Biography 

Instagram id: @linnlowes


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Linn Lowes was born and raised in Sweden. She had her best days of childhood with supportive parents. They were by her side in all the walks of her life – both best and worst. When she was 26 years of old age, she was diagnosed with cancer lymphoma.  She was in such a bad condition that she had to start her chemo treatment right after the diagnosis of cancer.  She fought cancer like a warrior and came out like a new person. Her cancer journey taught her the importance of a healthy body. She felt the need of making people aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. People began to get inspired by her courage and fitness guide. Then, she started to influence people by making Instagram videos in order to motivate people to a healthy lifestyle. She has successfully achieved the certificate of a personal trainer and also had specialized as a nutritionist. also mentioned Linn Lowes as one of the “International Instagram Influencers that Inspire”. At the moment, her account has around 2 million followers. She also has an app and a website named In her website and app, she offers specific customized diet plans, workouts, motivational talks and much more. Talking about her personal life, she is in a serious relationship with another fitness freak Eric who is always by her side in every twist and turn of her life. He was one of her biggest supports during her cancer journey.

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In her App named FitPlan App and website named, she provides customized fitness plans (which she calls ‘FitPlans’ for different fitness goals like weight loss, toning and tightening of the body, building muscle, etc.  There are many other fitness trainers besides her imparting training videos to the individuals. The website also offers customized diet plans to individuals. She always tries to work out pre-lunch or pre-dinner. She always makes sure that she eats properly at least 1-hour post-exercise. 


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After her workout, she eats rice cakes and a protein shake. She eats less during her days off and she enjoys her tastier, bigger breakfasts on the weekends. She doesn’t count calories, but she tries to stick to a maximum of 2 protein shakes a day. 

On a normal day, she has oatmeal with fruits + a protein shake or sandwiches with turkey + a protein shake or cottage cheese with banana, some honey, and juice for her breakfast. She has cooked root vegetables with beans or salmon fillet with bulgur and broccoli or protein pancakes/waffles for lunch. She has snack options like cottage cheese, sandwiches with turkey + protein shakes, rice cakes with peanut butter and banana slices, and fruit & nuts. For dinner, she has a fillet with potatoes and vegetables or a chicken fillet with sweet potato and avocado.

What we can learn from Linn Lowes?

The way Linn Lowes defeated cancer with courage, treatments, self-love, fitness training, diet plans are incredible and inspiring. She chose this cancer-survival journey to inspire millions of people all around the globe. We can learn from her story that a person will face so many twists and turns in one’s life, instead of getting discouraged by them, try to use them as opportunities.


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