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Weight Loss Improves Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis, which is knee pain, is quite common among people who are obese or people associated with sports, especially retired proficient athletes. Putting off excess weight is the easiest and best way to get rid of this disease. The entire weight of the body is bored by weight-bearing joints located at your knees. Being even slightly overweight will increase the pressure upon the weight-bearing joints and hence will increase arthritis pain and which includes knee pain. Researchers have found that obese elderly people are prone to knee pain 3 times more than others having normal weight.

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It has been proved in recent studies that while you walk, your ankles, hips, and knees bore three to five times the actual weight of the body. This would mean that for every one kilogram of weight you put on, your knees will have to bear approximately three to five times that extra weight. On the contrary, if you put off ten kilograms that would cause your knees to be relieved of bearing thirty to fifty kilograms. If a person is suffering from arthritis, then the burden of a few extra kilograms over the knees can cause severe pain and even inflammation in some cases.

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The condition of osteoarthritis, which is a wear and tear type of arthritis, is quite frequent among overweight people. It has been suggested that to get rid of osteoarthritis you should put off your extra weight. This will also lower your risk of catching this painful disease and excess weight makes arthritis more severer. Surprisingly, osteoarthritis is one of the main causes of disability among elderly people. 

Bariatric surgery for isolated weight loss can help you put off your extra pounds. And researchers agree that if you lose fifty-seven pounds of weight on an average within a time interval of six months then you will notice drastic changes in your knee pain, physical function, and stiffness. This will also improve the quality of your life, sports activities, and daily household activities without the need to go for any treatment for arthritis separately. 

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Weight loss is a good option to get rid of the pain of arthritis but the extent of relief achieved through weight loss varies from one individual to another.  Even if two people lose an equal amount of weight, the pain relief may not be of equal degree. This is mainly because of the varying weight. A person who is more overweight will get relieved to a lesser extent than a person who is less overweight. The extent of weight being loss also controls the amount of relief achieved. 

Here the comparison is done upon the basis of body mass index mainly because of the variations in the height of the people. A person who is taller should have more weight than another person who is shorter in height. If a women’s BMI is 27.3 then she is considered overweight while in the case of men BMI of 27.8 is considered overweight. Any person having a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese. 

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How to control weight increase?

The most practical and effective method to lose weight is to balance a healthy diet and exercise. You can do exercises such as calf raises and hamstring curls rotated with walking and simple gardening which can help in shedding 100 to 150 calories. However, be warned that jogging and jumping are harmful to those with knee pain.

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