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217 Latest Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names With Meanings

There are many unique and meaningful names you can choose for a Hindu baby boy from this list. Most of them are from mythology and a few are unique with beautiful meanings. It has been an ancient practice to choose the names of Gods and goddesses for babies amongst Hindus. You can choose modern names as well from a wide list given here which have a special meaning for each name. These are a list of Hindu baby boy names and their meanings.


  1. Aahan– dawn, new beginning, morning glory
  2. Aakil– Genius
  3. Aanav– Humane, compassionate
  4. Abhik– Fearless
  5. Adri– Strong and rocky as a mountain
  6. Advit– Unique, for a boy who will grow to be offbeat and original
  7. Ahil– Prince, also the name of the nephew of superstar Salman Khan
  8. Amay– Name of Lord Ganesha
  9. Anish– Supreme, a nice and stylish name for a baby boy
  10. Aadit– peak to let the child reach higher peak
  11. Ahava– Beloved child
  12. Aarav– means peaceful
  13. Aarit– the one seeking the right direction
  14. Aarnav– means deep ocean
  15. Aarpit– means to be charitable and to donate
  16. Aarush– means the first ray of sun
  17. Abhav– is another name of lord shiva
  18. Abhijit– means a conqueror
  19. Abhik– means beloved by all
  20. Abhinav– means new and something that bring freshness
  21. Abhineet– means serene and loving
  22. Abra– means cloud
  23. Adeep– means light which enlightens
  24. Adhip– like a king or the king
  25. Adi– means the origin or the beginning
  26. Agendra– means mammoth and magnificent as a mountain
  27. Ahan– the peacefulness of the dawn
  28. Ajish– invincible and not defeated by anyone
  29. Akand– calm and composed
  30. Akav– like a spark
  31. Akhil– means complete
  32. Akhilesh– meaning lord who rules the universe
  33. Akshat– the auspicious rice grains used for puja in worship
  34. Akshit– means permanence
  35. Akul– is another name of lord shiva
  36. Alaap– meaning musical notations in Indian ragas
  37. Alankar– meaning golden ornament
  38. Alop– that which never disappears
  39. Amal– clean and purity
  40. Amara– meaning that which is immortal
  41. Amardeep– meaning eternal enlightenment
  42. Ambar– vastness of sky
  43. Ameet– meaning limitless
  44. Amey– meaning magnificent and boundless
  45. Amish– means honest and sincere
  46. Amitaab– means the one who has limitless splendour
  47. Amitesh– meaning limitless like god
  48. Amitosh– means ever happy
  49. Amod– means happiness all over
  50. Amol– meaning priceless and invaluable
  51. Amrik– sweetness of nectar
  52. Anadi– eternal and limitless
  53. Anagh– meaning sinless and pure
  54. Anan– meaning light as a cloud
  55. Aneesh– meaning the supreme being
  56. Anek– meaning many, numerous, a form of abundance
  57. Angad– mythological name
  58. Anik– dutiful and gritty like a soldier
  59. Aniketh– the lord of all beings
  60. Anirvan– the undying, the immortal
  61. Anjal– the hollow which is formed when joining two hands
  62. Anjor– meaning brightness
  63. Ankit– the one who has conquered
  64. Ankush– meaning controller of senses
  65. Anshuman– meaning the sun
  66. Anubhav– meaning perception and experience
  67. Anupam– meaning incomparable
  68. Anurag-meaning devotion, love, and detachment
  69. Anvay– joined and integrated
  70. Archit– the one who deserves to be worshipped
  71. Arghya– valuable and priceless
  72. Avaneesh– god of earth


  1. Bodhi– Awakening and enlightened
  2. Banaj– meaning the sacred Hindu flower lotus
  3. Barun– meaning lord of the vastness of serene sea
  4. Bhavik– means god’s devotee
  5. Bhupen– meaning majestic like the king
  6. Bikram– meaning prowess


  1. Chetan– meaning living, mortal creature
  2. Chirag– meaning lamp
  3. Chitin– Intelligent, for the child who the parents expect to grow into an intelligent person
  4. Cala– Omnipresent, the name of a celestial being
  5. Canna– means famous or renowned


  1. Devin– Like a poet or celestial
  2. Devyan– Serving god in obeyance
  3. Dhavit– means a soul which is purified
  4. Dhir– means patience, a virtue important for a human life
  5. Divij– Means divinie or sky, a cosmic name for the boy


  1. Ehan– means expected, a realistic meaning for a unique name
  2. Elil– means good looking, handsome
  3. Ekansh– meaning wholeness


  1. Gaurish– lord shiva
  2. Gurudutt– a gift of the guru


  1. Hansh– like god
  2. Hansraj– king of swans
  3. Harith– green color
  4. Harsh– pleasure


  1. Illesh– lord of the earth
  2. Ina– one of the names of Lord Sun
  3. Indeever– meaning magnificent and auspicious as the blue lotus
  4. Iresh– one of the names of lord vishnu
  5. Ishan– One of the names Lord Sun, Shiva, and Vishnu


  1. Jaithra– meaning Lord Vishnu
  2. Jaisukh– meaning as victorious as a lion
  3. Janesh– meaning like a king or the king
  4. Jashna– meaning celebration
  5. Jay– means victory
  6. Jithin– meaning undefeatable and unconquerable
  7. Jivin– meaning to give life to something


  1. Kairav– meaning white lotus
  2. Kalan– meaning warrior
  3. Kalkin– meaning the last incarnation of Lord Vishnu
  4. Kanak– meaning forest
  5. Kavana– meaning stillness of water
  6. Kerak– is a name of ancient hindu warrior
  7. Keshav– a name of lord Krishna
  8. Keval– meaning the one and only
  9. Keyan– meaning heart
  10. Kulvir– a brave and audacious soul
  11. Kush– son of lord Rama


  1. Lakshit– the one who is focused
  2. Lekh– meaning document, writing
  3. Lohith– a name of Lord Shiva


  1. Mahasvin– meaning glorious
  2. Mahir– the one who is an expert and proficient
  3. Malhar– a raga of Indian music
  4. Mandeep– enlightened mind
  5. Milind– another name of Lord Krishna
  6. Mithil– meaning kingdom
  7. Mrinal– meaning the sacred lotus


  1. Nabhaka– the one that belongs to the sky
  2. Nabhoj– born in the sky
  3. Nadin– the Lord of the rivers
  4. Narsi– like a saint or a poet
  5. Nayan– meaning eyes that view the world
  6. Neerav– meaning stillness in silence
  7. Nibodh– meaning knowledge
  8. Nihar– meaning mist and fog
  9. Nikhilesh– meaning the lord of the universe
  10. Nimish– meaning a moment within the blink of the eye
  11. Nirmit– meaning that which is created
  12. Nivid– sacred hymns
  13. Nripesh– the Lord of the kings


  1. Ojas– shining bright like the sun, brilliance
  2. Om– the primordial sound of the universe
  3. Omesh– Lord of the sacred sound Om
  4. Omkar– the divine sound
  5. Oorjit– powerful and strong


  1. Palash– name of a sacred tree
  2. Parag– meaning sandalwood and the essence of it
  3. Parimal– meaning fragrance
  4. Parmeet– meaning wisdom
  5. Partha– meaning the king
  6. Parthiv– meaning the king of the earth
  7. Parvesh– meaning the lord of auspicious celebrations
  8. Poorv– meaning the eastern direction
  9. Prabal– meaning the one who is strong
  10. Pradhi– meaning intelligent
  11. Prakrit– meaning nature and a handsome man
  12. Prakul– meaning good looking man
  13. Pramit– meaning the one whose consciousness is enlightened
  14. Pramod– meaning happiness
  15. Pramodan– meaning Lord Vishnu
  16. Pranal– meaning waterway
  17. Praney– meaning obedient
  18. Prasoon– meaning wonderful as a flower
  19. Puru– Meaning heaven, paradise, blissful place


  1. Rachit– meaning to create something, to be creative
  2. Ranbir– a brave warrior
  3. Ranjan– meaning a pleasing act
  4. Ranjeet– meaning someone who gets victory in wars
  5. Rasesh– another name of Lord Krishna
  6. Revant– a keeper of horses
  7. Rishaan– meaning someone who is a good human being
  8. Rishab– meaning mortality
  9. Rithwik– meaning as pure as a saint, scholar of vedas
  10. Rohak– meaning rising
  11. Rohit– meaning sun and red flower that illuminates like the sun
  12. Ruchir– meaning radiant like the sun
  13. Ruhal– meaning soulful and spiritual
  14. Rujul– meaning simple, sincere, and honest
  15. Rutesh– meaning the king of all seasons


  1. Sahar– meaning the dawn, a new day, the sun
  2. Sajal– meaning pleasant and moist
  3. Sajiv– meaning lively
  4. Salil– meaning as still and calm as water
  5. Samprit– meaning delighted pleasingly
  6. Samridh– meaning complete and the one who is bestowed with everything
  7. Sanjeev– the one who lives forever by bringing back dead to life
  8. Sanjit– meaning all victorious
  9. Saarin– the one who is helpful
  10. Saubal– the one that is mighty
  11. Saumit– something that is easy to get
  12. Savir– the leader
  13. Shami– the name of a sacred tree, also means fire
  14. Shayan– meaning intelligent
  15. Shevar– meaning wealth, treasury
  16. Shibhi– meaning king
  17. Shiv– meaning auspicious and the one who is lucky
  18. Sonit– a human with good intentions
  19. Subeer– meaning the one who is courageous
  20. Suchet– meaning the one who is alert and focused
  21. Suchir– meaning eternal and vast


  1. Talin– a name of Lord Shiva
  2. Tanav– meaning the eternal flute of Lord Krishna
  3. Tanvir– meaning a strong person
  4. Taran– a name of Lord Vishnu
  5. Tejas– meaning sharpness and enlightened
  6. Tuhin– meaning the beautiful and soft snow
  7. Turang– meaning a thought that crosses your mind


  1. Uchit– meaning correctness
  2. Uday– meaning the rising


  1. Vadish– meaning the lord of the human body
  2. Vansh– meaning the coming generation which leads the family
  3. Vibhor– meaning ecstatic
  4. Vineet– meaning knowledgeable


  1. Yatin– meaning ascetic and a devotee



These are the Hindu baby boy names, each of which has a beautiful meaning. You can choose one from the list to name your boy and glorify his life.

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