Top Makeup Trends to Follow Parents Talks

8 Makeup Trends to Follow in 2020

Welcome 2020 with the trendiest look and become a trendsetter for the year. If you love to experiment with your makeup you must follow the new trends. Who doesn’t want to look stylish and trendy from the first day of the new year? We will discuss here the makeup trends going to rule in 2020. So let go of your old ideas of makeup and follow these new trends.

Best Make up Trends in 2020

If you are ready to experiment with your look in this 2020 follow these top 8 makeup trends and get ready for the trendiest look throughout the year. Here are 8 makeup trends that you should follow in the coming year:

1.  Smokey Eyes

Black smokey eyes are quite old fashioned now. You must be getting bored with this same style for years. If you are someone who loves to take the risk, then get rid of your black smokey eyes and get trendy with ruby-red smokey eyes in 2020. It is surely going to rule the markets. So paint your eyes ruby-red and flaunt your beauty throughout the year.


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2.  Blurred Lips

2019 was all about gloss, liner, lipstick. But this 2020 do not go bold with your lip colours. This year is going to all about blurred lips. This barely-there lip stain is surely one of the biggest makeup trends of this year. These lip stains are super low maintenance and make your lips looking as colourful and bold as a matte bold lip. So if you want to look trendy this year do not skip this blurred lips makeup.

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3.  Floating neon eyeliner

Neon eyeliner is in trend for a long time. But in 2020 experiment something new with your old neon eyeliner. It is not important anymore that your eyeliner is sticking to your lash line. Create a new look with your neon eyeliner and colour outside the lash line. A splash of neon colours outside the lash line must give you a cool vibe with the trendiest look.


4.  Coloured Mascara

This 2020 is all about new makeup trends. So if you are fond of makeup and wish to look different in this new year try this makeup on your eyes. It is the right time to bye your black mascara and gets familiar with the coloured ones. A bright pink mascara or a touch of deep blue mascara on your eyelashes make your eyes looking brighter than ever. It will be fun to colour your eyes with blue, pink or green mascara. Stay simple and stay bright with this easy coloured mascara look.


5.  Colourful eyeshadow

No doubt that 2020 is going to be the year of colour. And if you are someone who loves minimalist makeover this trend is for you. Do your eye makeup with colourful eyeshadows without making it bold? A slight flick at the corner of your eyes can make a big difference in your look. If you love the cat eye use the color eyeshadow and have a fan. If you prefer neon colours make your eyes more attractive with neon colour eyeshadow. Tap the neon shade at the corner of your eyes and see the magic.


6.  Structured Eyebrows

This is going to be the biggest eyebrow trend in 2020. Forget the bushy, unkempt eyebrows of past years and get the trendiest eyebrow of 2020 with structured, polished and strong eyebrows. Eyebrow lamination is expected to be the most popular eyebrow trends for this coming year. With the thicker arches get the most significant look of the year.

Parents Talks Structured Eyebrows


7.  Glossy lip with lip liner

The matte look is no trendier in 2020. It is high time replaced your matte look with glossy makeup. Overall glossy effect combining lips, lids, and cheeks is going to be the major trendsetter of 2020. The 90’s made a strong comeback with the visible lip liner which matches your glossy lip the best. Say bye to the bold red colour and have a glossy lip with glossy lip liner. Pink is going to be in trend in 2020. So choose a pink shed for your lips and get a legit look.


8.  Color-blocked eye makeup

Applying the same shade in both eyes is now getting old fashioned. If you are a keen trend follower, then this eye makeup is for you. Do not stick to a single colour. Try a different shade in each eye and go bold. You can choose two contrasting colours like blue or orange. And if you want to go a little subtle you can use two similar hues such as baby blue and lilac. You can also place two contrasting hues right next to each other on your eyes. Contrasting hues is one of the most popular makeover trends in history which is going to return with a wide range in 2020.

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These are the latest makeup trends that you can follow to make yourself gorgeous and stunning. 

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