Krissy Cela – Gorgeous Personal Trainer & Fitness Influencer

In just a few years, Krissy Cela has laid the foundations for her fintech empire on the back of her social media success sharing her fitness journey as she tried to cope with the stresses of life.

The global fitness influencer and self-confessed cardio bunny now has three million followers on Instagram and is passionate about promoting the benefits of weight training. ‘Strength training has massively evolved among women over the last few years and when I was posting on social media about six to seven years ago, it was such a taboo,’ she says.


Krissy Cela grew up in the United Kingdom but emigrated there from Albania when she was four years old. Her upbringing was far from easy. Krissy’s parents had to hold down several jobs simultaneously to make ends meet.

This taught her the importance of hard work and determination though, which ultimately helped her land a place at university reading law.


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It was at university that Krissy first started taking fitness and nutrition seriously. Her demanding coursework coupled with the need to work 30 hours a week shifts as a waitress to pay for her studies left her feeling stressed. The fact that Krissy’s long-term partner cheated on her around this time didn’t help matters either.

So, Krissy decided to take matters into her own hands and started doing what gave her satisfaction: going to the gym and caring for her health.


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Social Media Success Story

She started sharing her workouts and progress on Instagram and soon built a loyal following. Even though, as Krissy admits herself, she didn’t have a great deal of fitness experience at the time and wasn’t sure exactly what she was doing or hoped to achieve, her popularity soon exploded.

Her Instagram account now boasts more than 3 million followers and features glimpses of her daily life as well as no-nonsense training tips.

Krissy also has a successful YouTube channel with 1.22 million subscribers. Here she creates and posts more in-depth content detailing workout routines, nutritional advice, and insights into her fitness journey and philosophy.

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Krissy Cela’s Approach to Exercise

Krissy believes that finding health and fitness success is different for everyone. It isn’t helpful to aspire to look like someone else. You have to want to be the best version of yourself.

And it is important to recognize this is a long-term process. For this reason, you have to find an approach you can incorporate into your daily life otherwise, the results won’t be sustainable.

Krissy is a big fan of full-body morning workouts two or three times a week that take around 30 to 40 minutes and require no equipment. This gives all your muscle groups the attention they need, doesn’t take up a lot of time or energy, and is good for those starting a new fitness regime.

For those who are ready to take things a step further, she recommends incorporating weightlifting and cardio routines.


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Krissy Cela Top 3 Tips

  1. Warm up dynamically: ‘When you’re warming up dynamically you’re lubricating your joints, muscles, and ligaments. You’re getting the blood flowing and you’re waking the body up.’
  2. Control your reps: ‘Form is everything. When you slow a movement down, you’re more able to understand where muscles are contracting and how and where it’s meant to feel. Focus on form over speed.’
  3. Stick to compound exercises: ‘These mean your body is moving as a solidified unit and you exert more energy. Do them right at the beginning of your session when you have the most energy and leave isolation exercises until the end.


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Still, in her 20s, Krissy Cela has achieved a lot but is a naturally ambitious person driven to do more. She wants to continue developing her fit tech company, EvolveYou, as the lead trainer and creative director while her partner, Jack, handles the business’s day-to-day operations as CEO.

She also wants to do more large-scale in-person fitness events, having enjoyed much success with a sold-out training session with hundreds of participants.

With her loyal following, down-to-earth advice, and determination to succeed, Krissy Cela will no doubt continue to be an empowering fitness icon to keep an eye on.

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