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Know Your Pregnancy Rights and Make their Use

When a woman gets pregnant, it is the best and happiest feeling for her. But they are very afraid to share this happy news with their coworkers and other employees, why so? While we all know that pregnancy is a natural phenomenon, such discrimination that exists in different working environments is the major reason behind not sharing it.

Every other woman who gets pregnant doesn’t know what her rights are and simply leave the job under the pressure of her higher authorities. They are simply given the reason of pregnancy behind their firing. This culture was very regular in almost all the countries i.e.; firing and not treating women equally who was pregnant, they were being discriminated on the basis of pregnancy. Observing this culture of discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, many countries have strict laws that are against it and are issued in favor of pregnant women.

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Indian Laws For Pregnancy Rights: Everyone Should Know

So if you are pregnant, two federal laws give you ultimate power and protect your rights. The two laws are given below:

  1. Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  2. Family and Medical Leave Act

Every pregnant woman who comes under these laws has their jobs protected and safe. These laws ensure that no employees who are pregnant “may not be discriminated” and get proper and deserving perks so that their jobs remain safe and they can enjoy their pregnancy period without any second thought or headache. These laws vary from country to country. The variation may give you additional rights or perks.

1. Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Employees who come under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act are provided benefits which include childbirth, pregnancy and other related medical conditions. It says that the company has to treat pregnancy as a normal disability so that the employee can take sick leaves or a temporary break. That means you can take leave of as many days according to the policy your company provides. These sick leaves are the same as that of other sick leaves which are provided by the company during different disabilities other employees have. Your company cannot discriminate while assigning you sick leaves for pregnancy and childbirth. They should provide you deserving perks which they also provide to other employees with other disabilities. This ultimate act also provides other perks such as

  1. Your company has to treat you, in the same manner, they treat other employees with temporary disabilities. Pregnancy is a temporary medical time period which once gets over the employee can return back to their work and join as a normal employee after some time.
  2. They have to heir you back the way they heir other employees with other temporary disabilities. They cannot deny to heir you after you return from a long break of pregnancy. They cannot discriminate against you by making pregnancy as a subject.
  3. The company also cannot force you to do work even if you can serve in the company during your pregnancy period.

Your company if in case, doesn’t provide perks and other facilities to the employers with temporary disabilities then also they have to treat you under this act. It’s a law and no employer can discriminate you on the basis of pregnancy.

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2. Family and Medical Leave Act

Companies that have 50 employees or more have to provide 12 weeks of leave to the employees who are pregnant. The family and medical act may vary from country to country and may provide different perks and facilities accordingly. Every company must fulfill the following rules so that an employee who is pregnant can come under the act of family and medical.

  1. The company must have a minimum number of 50 employees working under the closest distance of the employer.
  2. The employee must have worked for 12 months at least in the company. This ensures that the employee is part of the company. If this condition is satisfied then only an employee can take the benefits of family and medical act.

“Family and Medical Leave Act is unpaid, but you can use accrued paid leave as long as you follow the usual rules under your employer’s policy” every government of the different country has this basic law which actually completes the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Some Final Words

Both laws have their different benefits. They vary from country to country. Therefore, the different countries may give additional perks and benefits to the employee who is pregnant. If you are pregnant and are looking for your pregnancy rights, you must know that these are the basic rights offered by every company and must be followed under any circumstance. In case, you think these are not been followed, you can complain against it and even take legal actions for it.

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