Kids and Mobile Phones

Toddlers and Mobile Phones: A Dangerous Friendship

A friend in a need is a friend indeed and in this new era, smartphones are one of the best friends of people as it helps them out in many situations. But do you think that mobile phones are safe for toddlers or it should also become their best friend who can help them to laugh and perform various other activities?

May be your answer will be yes due to various reasons, but according to many types of research smartphones mobile phones, iPads, tablets, are not at all safe for a baby’s healthy growth of the brain, mind, and other body parts.

Toddlers are the cutest god’s creation who needs love, attention, and care. They are not fully grown to differentiate between good and bad things. This is a parent’s responsibility to stop the attraction of their babies toward technology and try to indulge them in various other games and activities which can sharp their mind and thinking ability.

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Harmful radiations

Mobile phones and several other wireless technologies generate various types of radiation which are very harmful. Not only the babies but kids, teenagers, and even adults are also getting affected by the high-frequency radiations of smartphones. According to researches, several types of radiations such as microwave radiations, ionizing and non-ionizing radiations pose a greater risk on kid’s mind which can even damage their thinking ability. Not only mental but the high-frequency radiation can also affect the kid’s physical health and even it can lead to the development of brain cancer or tumor in the future.

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There are many other side effects of introducing mobile phones to your babies at a very early age. You must go through it to know about it.

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The harmful effect of mobile phones

  • Inappropriate brain activity: Some studies said that excess use of mobile phones affects the function of the brain which includes a way of communication, behavioral problems, changing mood, learning ability, and many more.
  • Sleeping disturbance: Small babies are very sensitive which can easily affect by every small thing. Some improper stuff in mobiles can affect their mind which can disturb them while sleeping.
  • Brain cancer or tumors: High-frequency radiation can lead to a high risk of having brain cancers. The radiations are very harmful to the sensitive toddler’s mind which can develop life risky tumors.
  • Eyesight problem: Excess use of mobile phones can affect the eyesight of small babies. They can get blur vision or some they lost the eyesight. Apart from these, babies can also have several other eye-related problems for a lifetime.
  • Obesity: There is a great saying that only works and no play make John ill. As like this, physical activity is very important for the toddlers for their proper growth. The use of mobiles stops them to play which affects their physical health.
  • Parent-baby bonding: The connection between parents and children gets, more they get strong just after birth. The more they spend time together, the more they strengthen their relationship. Spending hours on mobiles do not give them time to make close bonding.
  • Lack of creativity: Toddlers do not get the opportunity to do anything new as they stay busy with mobile phones. It kills their creative mind which is one step towards an unsuccessful life.
  • Addiction: Addiction to anything is very bad. If at very small age babies will get phone addiction then imagine their further life.

These are some common side-effects but apart from all these, there are a lot more medical conditions which we even don’t know. So, strictly avoid giving these wireless technologies which generate radiation to your small babies and try to get them to indulge in various other activities that can help them in the physical and mental growth.

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Tips to avoid the use of mobile phones

Here are some of the ways which will help you out to protect your kids from the harmful radiation. Must read the following life-saving hacks:

  • When you and your family members are not using the wifi then turn off it to reduce the exposure of radiation.
  • While spending time with your babies turn flight mode on to avoid the high-frequency radiation.
  • Try not to use the phone when you are with your kids. This will help you to distract toddlers from the attractive lighting of mobiles and smartphones.
  • If in any case, you have to use the cell phones then try to maintain the distance with your baby.
  • Play with your babies, give them time, and spend some quality gaming hours to make them creative.

Jaya Kishori who is an Indian kathakar and motivational speaker once said that kids never listen and learn… They silently watch, notice, and then perform the activities… If you will use the phones in front of them, then they will also get eager to use it. So, try to avoid phones when you are with your babies. Instead, you can engage them with various activities. This is very true that kids are not habitual of using phones by birth. They just follow their parent’s habits. So try not to use mobile phones when you are with your kids.

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