Second Pregnancy

Key Tips to manage Second Pregnancy better

If you thinking of welcoming a new family member, it’s important for you to know that the second pregnancy might not be just smooth as the first one because of various reasons such as your age, health conditions after the first pregnancy, etc.

In this article, we shall throw some light on these some vital points that are necessary to

What is the perfect time to have a Second Baby?

Determining a particular point of time for all couples is not possible because the right time of second pregnancy depends on your health, finances, etc. it cannot be said accurately that what time is just correct because women at 40 also have a healthy child and women of poor family raised two kids very well.

Factors that should be kept in mind before going for a Second Pregnancy:

Given below are some essential points that must be kept in mind before making up your mind for a second pregnancy:

1. How well is your Physical Health?

It’s very necessary to have the strong physical health to support the growth of the baby because pregnancy brings a whole lot of changes in your body.

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2. What is your age?

Age is a very important factor because the older you are the quality of the eggs reduces making way for miscarriage or genetic defects because women are able to produce eggs until a particular age only.

3. How old is the father?

Considering the father’s age is as important as the mother’s while planning a second pregnancy. There is a decrease in their sperm quality when they turn 35.

4. The gender of the child

The father’s age matters in the determination of the sex of the child because when fathers grow older they are likely to produce sperms carrying X chromosome giving birth to a girl child.

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5. Are your finances enough?

The main point to consider is with a new member spending increases two times, you need to consider what are you both working?  Will you be able to send them abroad for education {if you wish to}? Look in your finances well before moving a step ahead.

6. Family decisions:

When it comes to having a second child it’s essential that you and your partner make decisions mutually as a family and agree on the same things. If one wants to wait for the second pregnancy and one is ready you need to discuss it before moving further.

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7. Career:

You should be ready to sacrifice your career for a while if planning the second pregnancy because he or she needs our full attention.

8. The age difference between two children:

Considering the age difference between the children is also an important factor if you which them to be playmates then go for a smaller gap between the two.

9. Is there someone around to help you?

If you are going for a second pregnancy you cannot ignore your first child completely and therefore consider whether you have a third person like your parents to babysit the child.

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10. Living conditions:

Before having a second child you might assess whether your living space is enough or not or you need to go for a bigger house to accommodate children when they grow bigger.

11. Delivery pattern:

If you had a cesarean baby during the first pregnancy then in second pregnancy you might have to go for the same if the difference is less than two years.


How to Prepare Yourself for the Second Child?

Some of the crucial points are listed below that will help you easily prepare for a second child:

1. Always Go For Your Routine Check-Up:

You are required to have a blood test if you are planning second pregnancy because the blood test confirms pregnancy if you are already trying if not it checks the amount of iron in your body. A large amount of blood is needed under pregnancy by the body, as a result, many women become anemic. By this problem such as infant, anemia can be prevented as you can draw plans to improve your iron level.

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2. Keep a Track Of Your Monthly Menstrual Cycle:

Tracking your menstrual cycle for a second pregnancy is important. After the first pregnancy, the cycle might become unstable and therefore you need to draw a chart stating your ovulating days to process the optimal time for conception.

3. Hit the Gym:

After the first pregnancy gaining your shape back is important. If you haven’t done it yet that it’s time to head to the gym. Gaining weight can cause hormonal imbalances during second pregnancy and can inhibit fertility.

4. Coping with Male Infertility:

Pregnancy is a matter equally important for both males and females. Male infertility might also be a problem for the second pregnancy. Smoking marijuana and alcohol affect sperm production. Obesity may also be a reason for infertility do you both might join the gym together.

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5. What is the best time for you to get pregnant again?

You would like to indulge in a second pregnancy if you are in the early ’30s, it is correct to have a child as soon as possible considering the declining factors of fertility in the later ’30s. However, considering your firstborn you should prefer to have a second baby after a gap of three years so that you can focus on the other child as well.

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6. Head towards different alternatives:

Despite your efforts to conceive you are not able to do so over a period of six months, you might consider going to an IVF specialist. Infertility is a factor that many times come along after the first pregnancy reasons may be increased age, health problems, lifestyle changes, etc. considering which you might require an IVF for a second pregnancy. Before going for a second child, always talk to a qualified doctor.

The decision for Second pregnancy should be taken only after careful understanding of all the factors and planning for all the situations prior to taking the big step. Once you have decided everything and taken responsibility for all the things, only then should you start preparing for your second child.


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