Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig diet incorporates a diet plan which allows dieters to maintain and lose extra body weight by consuming food that comes in the form of packaged food. These packaged food products incorporate the exact amount of food required to lose weight. The Jenny Craig diet is highly popular and is promoted with the help of celebrities such as Kirsti Alley and Valerie Bertinelli.

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The dieters that opt for the Jenny Craig diet plan are also required to meet with counselors. However, if this is not possible, they can speak with them online or over the phone and through social media. This counseling helps dieters to understand why they are eating what they are eating when they consume the pre-packaged food products.

Limitations, Side Effects Of Jenny Craig Diet

Even though supporters of the Jenny Craig diet say that the food tastes good and they recommend it, personal taste should always be kept in mind. If you are one of those people who eat only a particular type of food with only a particular type of taste, it is not necessary that you will enjoy the Jenny Craig diet.

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Pros And Cons Of Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig diet is not recommended for those who suffer from common allergies and who are sensitive to a particular category of food products.

As the food products are mostly frozen, the Jenny Craig diet may not be easy for you if you own a small freezer.

If you cook for a large family; it may become difficult to prepare different food for yourself as well as the family.

Cost Of Jenny Craig Diet

If you are on a tight budget, the Jenny Craig diet is not for you as it may be expensive.

The Jenny Craig diet may be difficult for those who like to go out for their meals as the diet relies heavily on pre-packaged food items.

If one travels on a regular basis, the Jenny Craig diet is not recommended as one must rely heavily on the packaged food that is frozen.

As the Jenny Craig diet focuses heavily on pre-packaged food, it is difficult for dieters to adapt to “real food” after giving up the diet. Side effects may follow.

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Advantages Of Jenny Craig Diet

As the portion size required to lose weight is already incorporated into the food packages of the Jenny Craig diet, there is no need for the dieter to constantly count calories. Weight loss will definitely occur.

The Jenny Craig diet is very beneficial with respect to convenience. The food products, that is, the packages can be delivered to your doorstep if that is what you desire and opt for.

Packed Meals Jenny Craig

Knowing how to cook is not a pre-requisite when it comes to the Jenny Craig diet plan. This is due to the fact that the food is “cooked” in a microwave and if you can operate one, you can prepare this food. 

According to a number of sources, the food is extremely delicious.

The pre-packaged food products included in the Jenny Craig diet are according to your needs. The pre-packaged food is not generic and one can choose the food they want to consume based on a number of factors such as needs, wants, and lifestyle choices.

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Jenny Craig Starter Kit

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Jenny Craig Counsellors

The counselors that are a part of the Jenny Craig diet provide extensive support that allows you to follow the diet plan with more enthusiasm due to moral support. This can lead to permanent weight loss.

The counseling is very helpful during the Jenny Craig diet in the sense that it helps you to face your problems and release your frustrations and address your lack of motivation in a healthy manner.

Jenny Craig Centres

  • Even if a Jenny Craig diet center is not located near you, you can still contact the counselors through the internet and the telephone.
  • The pre-packaged food products included in the Jenny Craig Diet can be purchased online.
  • The Jenny Craig diet plan does not support fad diets or crash diets. Starvation and avoiding meals is a strict no-no.
  • The Jenny Craig diet results in gradual weight loss which is undoubtedly more permanent than instant weight loss.
  • If you are a member of the Jenny Craig diet; the plan may be cheaper for you due to the existence of a number of schemes that provide the same.


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