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It is safe to keep babies in Air conditioners

The summers are at their peak and if it is the first summer with your newborn baby then I know there are many questions popping up in your mind. How to face the summers? Which is the best option among AC, Coolers, and fans? Do we have to say bye to AC this summer? Is it safe to keep babies in AC and Coolers? And many more questions related to baby and summer. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out by clearing many of your doubts related to Ac and coolers for your baby.

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It is totally safe to keep babies and toddlers in AC and coolers rather than to get them irritated from the humid temperature, heat rashes, and sweating. It is not that AC and Coolers cannot harm your baby. It can also be harmful to all of us if it is used incorrectly. The use of AC and Coolers in the wrong way can make children colic from several respiratory diseases, such as rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and sore throat, asthma. So, you have to keep many things in your mind while keeping your baby in Ac and coolers. Check out some of the basic guidelines for safe summers with your baby.

Tips to use AC for babies

  • Room temperature: Make sure that the room temperature is comfortable with your baby who is neither too cold nor too hot. The changes in the outside temperature will affect the cooling of your Ac temperature. So always try to maintain the AC temperature according to the outside weather. According to the babies, the comfortable Ac temperature is between 23-26 degrees C.
  • Timing of the AC: Set the timing of your Air conditioner so that it can switch off automatically when the room will be cool enough. If you don’t have the timer setting in your AC then uses an alarm for reminding of switching off the AC button.
  • Direct cold air: Never keep your baby in the direct cold air from Ac. If you are in AC then dress your baby in full sleeves clothes. You can use a light blanket to cover your baby. Dress your baby according to the room temperature.
  • Maintenance is needed: It is necessary to maintain the service of Ac when it is needed to avoid the dust particles inside the AC. The dust inside AC will spread the unhygienic cooling which is harmful to babies.
  • Moisturizer to skin: As we all know that AC makes the skin dry so always keep in mind to apply moisturizer to your baby before you sleep in the AC. It is also said that if you will keep a bowl of water in the room then it will help in reducing the dryness by keeping the room “moist”.
  • Maintain the Temperature: Maintain the baby’s changing the temperature from heat to cool. Don’t take your baby to a warm place immediately after leaving an AC room. Make sure to cool down the room before the baby goes to bed and then turn the AC off at night to maintain the night temperature
  • Adjust with outside temperature: You should turn off the AC before 30 minutes you go out. You can also open the door so that the air can be circulated and children can adjust to the outside temperature.
  • Use when it is needed: When you genuinely need the AC then only use it. Don’t make habit of your baby to stay in AC rooms only. Make them habitual for all the situations.


Guidelines for cooler

  • If you are keeping your baby in a cooler then partly open the door or a window for cross-ventilation, especially in the rainy season. The cooler evaporates the water to cool and thus it increases the humidity in the air. If the room will be fully packed, the humidity will keep on increasing and after some time the cooling will stop. The room will be then suffocated
  • As with Ac, in coolers also you don’t have to keep your baby directly in front of the cold air. Use the cotton cap to wrap his head and full sleeves dress to avoid the cooling temperature. Don’t cover his face from the blankets.
  • It is important to clean the water of the cooler regularly in 1-2 days. The dirty water in the cooler can give birth to many mosquitoes and insects. Whenever it is needed to wash the cooler then do it. The clean water of the cooler will provide cleanliness to the surroundings.
  • The temperature should also be maintained in the cooler also. The baby should not be taken immediately to the hot temperature from the cool one.
  • Try to know the need of the baby and what exactly he wants. He is comfortable with what temperature of the cooler. is he ok with water in it or does he need the only fan? Try to understand his comfort and discomfort in the cooler’s different temperatures.

The summers have arrived and it is better to keep your baby safe and cool. If your baby is above 6 months then let them drink water several times. If your baby is newborn or premature then give special care to them. You can take special advice from doctors that how to care for them.


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