Is Your Man Mama’s Boy

If your boyfriend or husband is a mama’s boy, then you’re sure to be driven up the wall in no time! Listening to “mama this, mama that” all the time can be very frustrating. Especially when your man is always comparing you to his mother! “Mama makes better meatballs than this” or “mama folds towels this way” can be infuriating. While you don’t want to be a mean person by coming between him and his mother, you still can’t overlook it if he sees his mother in all the places he’s supposed to see you! One of my friend’s husbands used to go for a week-long holiday with his mother, twice a year! How bizarre is that! And it’s not even like a family thing, it’s just him and his mother!

If you go out with your husband to shop for jewelry, and he looks at this beautiful platinum diamond ring and says, “I’m thinking mama will like this, what say? Should I pick it up for her?” that’s when you know that you need to run in the opposite direction as fast as you can! After all, if at all he’s buying that ring, it should be for you, not his mother! Is your man mama’s boy? Read on to find out foolproof ways of knowing if he’s just caring for her or if he’s totally possessed by her!


If every time you make something, he starts off saying, “mama makes it with a lot of extra mushrooms….” That’s when it becomes irritating! You can’t be his mom’s clone, and neither do you want to try being one. To confront him and tell him that you’re a different person and he has to get used to how you cook, even if it’s nothing like what his mother cooks. This is the simplest way to answer “is your man mama’s boy”.



If all your conversations are full of sentences like; “you know mama bakes the best cookies….” Or “once I’d gone out with mama….” Or “Mama always does this so well…” that’s when you realize that there’s more of “his mom” than love in your relationship! If this is the scenario, then you’re daft to even find ways to read this article! Well, OF COURSE, he’s a mama’s boy, it couldn’t be more downright obvious!


If you’re thinking of getting any major changes in your house, or if he’s planning on changing his job or if you’re deciding where to go for a week-long vacation and if your opinion is a mere “option” and his mom’s opinion is “the only option”, that’s when you know you’ve got a mama’s boy! He can’t make any decisions on his own; he needs his mom to even match his clothes.

This is still acceptable (no, I haven’t lost my mind! It’s acceptable compared to what I’m saying next), but not only does he need her opinion, he needs her approval or permission for everything he does in his life! Now that’s outrageous! My ex-husband is 46 (and may I add, he is STILL living with his mother) and still needs to ask her if it’s “ok” to go out for having a beer or to go for a guy’s night. It doesn’t get more preposterous than this!



Idolizing your mom, and liking the way she does things is one thing, expecting your girlfriend or wife to do everything her way is just unacceptable! One of my friends was dating a mama’s boy, and every time she was done doing the chores, he would go and redo them the way his mama did it! He would re-fold the towel the way his mom used to do it, he would remove all the clean dishes and arrange them similar to the way his mom did! It just doesn’t get worse than this! Loving your mom and appreciating her is irritating, but still acceptable because it’s just out of love and care that you have for her, but making your partner her clone is not something you should even try on doing!

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