Is There Any Relation Between Diet And Acne

A large variety of opinions exist on this topic. The available evidence is also not so convincing. It is a common opinion that greasy foods and chocolate can worsen the condition caused by acne. However, dermatologists feel that this is only a myth. For both opinions, there is little evidence. Some physicians strongly believe that intake of dairy products can cause acne. Yet, this also has not been proved. Theoretically, hormone levels can be affected by dairy products and provoke acne. Food sensitivities can be triggered by dairy products. These sensitivities or food allergies can make hormonal changes, which in turn cause acne. The fact that hormonal element is present in acne, cannot be denied. One more important thing is that reactions to food differ among individuals. For example, if eating chocolate can trigger acne in you, it may not be applicable in my case. Moreover, it is not easy to identify the foods that can cause acne in an individual. This can only be judged based on personal experience. You can experiment by eliminating certain foods and see if any improvement takes place. Doctors have also observed that people eating non-refined foods have not got any acne. This also does not mean that a highly refined diet can cause health issues like acne!

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Diet Schedule for Acne Treatment

Eating saturated fats can cause oily skin. However, saturated fats from animals are rich in nutrients that are necessary for good health. While treating acne, diet restrictions may be imposed, but a diet schedule alone cannot clear acne. A healthy diet certainly will improve the overall health and this could contribute to the prevention of acne to some extent. In New Guinea and Paraguay, teenagers do not have acne. People belonging to these places have their food by hunting like ancestors. The valuable point is that they do not eat processed foods and derive ill effects. Can we now conclude that diet has its impact on acne?


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Relation Between Diet And Acne

Adequate researches have not been done in this field. Time and again the relation between diet and acne is debated only. Both the answers ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are simply assumptions only for the question of a relationship that exists between diet and acne. Some studies, however, suggest that intake of refined carbohydrates and sugar suddenly increases the levels of insulin and the growth factor known as IGF-1. This results in excess production of testosterone and androgens. Sebaceous glands are very sensitive to these hormones, and hence, they produce too much sebum. The excess sebum mixes with dead skin cells and plugs the hair follicle. The skin bacteria also infect the hair follicle. These factors can cause a variety of acne conditions like pimples, nodules, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, and so on.

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Most of the explanations in respect of diet and acne are only theoretical. One thing is, but true. In their natural state, vegetables, seed, nuts, and fruits provide most of the nutrients and enzymes that the human body requires. Many of these values are lost when these items are cooked. Therefore we consume only a few nutrients and take more free radicals that aggravate acne. Conclusively, taking more raw foods should strongly support controlling acne conditions.

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