Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy

Different women experience different symptoms during pregnancy. At some point or the other, women do report muscle stiffness. This is attributed to the expansion of the woman’s uterus as the baby grows steadily over the months. While pregnant women are in search of a simple and effective solution, the easiest method that can be adopted for easing stiffness is to undergo a massage. This will not only ease the tension but will also help in the overall well-being. So, whenever a pregnant woman suffers from any type of pain like leg pain, back pain or even an unexplained headache, massage should be the answer.

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It is quite common for women to suffer from back pain while they are pregnant. In fact, pregnant women will experience back pain time and again during the whole period of pregnancy. Thus, it is better to be pre-prepared and utilize the benefits of a massage session. There are other benefits of massage too:

Pregnant women often see that their legs become swollen. The primary reason behind this swelling is poor circulation of blood and it is common in pregnancy. A thorough massage can pump up the circulation and make the woman feel more comfortable. Due to the overall calming effect of massage, a pregnant woman will also not find difficulty in falling into a deep sleep as soon as she hits the bed.


The massage must be done by an experienced person who is aware of the body’s acupressure points. If an inexperienced person massages the pregnant woman, there is a chance that she would trigger pre-term labor inadvertently. Generally, women who have been exercising before becoming pregnant will like to continue the exercises even after they become pregnant. Other women may not find the idea of starting some sort of exercise while they are pregnant good; such women feel that a good massage has health benefits equal to an exercise session. A massage is also good for a woman who has developed some complication that prevents her from exercising.

Due to hormonal changes, a pregnant woman might experience elevated blood pressure. Cramps are also common during pregnancy; the joints of the woman can feel weak as it has to bear a lot of weight. The solution for all the above-mentioned conditions is to plan rejuvenating massage sessions with a trained massage therapist. The therapist will make sure that the environment of the massage room promotes relaxation. The lighting arrangement in the massage room would be dim while soft music plays in the background. The smell of the room is made pleasant by using fragrant substances.

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Just a word of caution here: when high-risk women whom doctors feel can undergo pre-term labor need a massage, doctors may not approve it. Some other types of women might also be at risk and so it is better to consult the doctor before opting for a massage. The pregnant woman can also learn some massage techniques for promoting labor. Most women do benefit from periodical massage sessions

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