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Is Love At First Sight Possible

So is it possible for someone to fall in love just by looking at the other person? After all, it does sound kind of difficult to understand. And can’t say like this “infatuation at first sight”! Love is a mighty big word to use for someone you’ve just seen for a few seconds or minutes at max! So is it really possible to fall in love just depending on how they look? For all you know, that person might not even speak your language! Well, there are many answers to that question; yes, no, maybe, many a time, once in a lifetime. Read on to find out more if love, at first sight, is really possible, or is it just a lovey-dovey phrase we’ve been using for centuries now!


According to many scientific studies and other surveys, love, at first-sight, is very much possible! Scientists say that the human brain can fall in love with someone just by one look! But then again, some believe it, while others don’t. There are many people who actually have experience their “perfect fairytale” love at first sight moment! Some say they fall in love as often as they fall out of it! So if you’ve had the “love at first sight” experience around 5 to 10 times till today, then it doesn’t really qualify as the perfect moment! While others say that no matter how attractive their spouse is, they still took their time to know him or her, spend time together before finally falling in love.


Like everything else, our mind is limited to only what we want to believe and understand. Till yesterday, the earth was flat, and then someone proved it otherwise. Jumping from a chopper, thousands of feet above the ground, with a rope tied to your body, would have sounded totally bizarre and crazy. But today is a widely loved sports cum recreational activity! It’s all about trying it. Sometimes you don’t need to see sense, take your time, understand, think and then fall in love! That’s not “falling” in love in the first place! So it’s really possible to fall in love with someone at the first sight.



Sometimes, when we’re still searching for the perfect person, we subconsciously have a lot of criteria. These are things that you want to find in your partner, wherein you like a person because of some features, but you yourself don’t know it. For example; if a white man has a black mother to who he’s attached, subconsciously, he’s always more attracted towards black women. Or if a girl is very attached to her father and sees him as his idol, she’s subconsciously searching for someone who has a few similar features; maybe the same eyes, skin color, or even the same kind of physique!

And when we find someone in the crowd, who fits into our subconscious requirements, it’s like love at first sight. Because by the way he or she looks, they couldn’t have been more perfect for you. In other words, you may get way more handsome guys or many prettier girls, but that person is the most beautiful to your eyes!

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If you saw someone, who you’re very attracted to and are wondering whether it was love at first sight, read on to analyze your situation and realize if it was infatuation or love.

Firstly, think of what you thought when you first saw him or her. Did you feel like you want to go up to them and talk, want to be friends, and start something new? If yes, then it’s a good sign. If you’re actually in love, you won’t just notice their physical appearance, you’ll notice their body language, the way they’re talking, and basically, you’ll pay attention to the finer details. And once you’re on talking terms; if that person isn’t on the same page as you, you still don’t tend to give up. Nevertheless, you’re still interested in knowing that person more and being close to them. If all this applies to you, then you should get going! Looks like you’ve just fallen in love!

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