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Iron Deficiency in kids

Is iron necessary for body building in kids? How to know about Iron deficiency in children? Will it harm so much to the kids? Is my baby getting sufficient iron in his meal? And there are never-ending questions in your mind when you hear the name Iron Deficiency in kids. 

What Iron is necessary for the body?

Iron is very much important for the growth and development of children. It helps to move the oxygen through red blood cells from the lungs to the entire body and helps the muscles to store and use the oxygen. Iron plays a vital role in the brain and muscle function. If your baby is not getting the proper amount of iron in his meal then he will suffer from the iron deficiency for a long period of time. The Iron Deficiency is also known as Anemia which is a common nutritional deficiency in children.

It is seen that the kids having iron deficiency may have learning and behavioural problems as because iron helps in the development of the brain and create a lot of energy in baby’s body to make them eager to learn new things instead of sitting lazy.

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The babies are born with stored iron in their body which they have got in the womb. This is the reason why a pregnant lady is always suggested to eat healthy foods which include calcium and iron during pregnancy. When the baby grows up and not get the proper iron in their meals then they start lacking the iron in their body and suffers from Anemia.

It is very important to add healthy iron foods in kid’s daily meal and make them habitual of eating such foods. If still, you feel that the baby is not growing properly then see your doctor and take treatment and proper food chart from him to maintain the lack of iron in kids.

What are the causes of Iron Deficiency? 

Iron deficiency can occur in children because of various reasons like:

  • Lack of Iron Diet: If a baby is having a poor source of iron foods in his meal, he will definitely suffer from iron deficiency. Good and healthy foods are the natural resource of the iron and if they skip them and how they will get the proper iron in their body. So, ensure to give your baby the proper iron food in their meals.
  • Milk Lover baby: It is seen that the babies who love to drink milk rather than eating solids have to suffer from iron deficiency. Milk is a poor source of iron and an excess amount of milk taking will high the risk of Anemia in kids.
  • Premature babies: The babies who are born before time or born with low birth weight have to suffer from iron deficiency. They are not fully developed and lacking with many essential nutrients in their body. So, the possibility of iron deficiency increases.
  • Breastfeeding: The mothers who keep on breastfeeding their babies after 6 months of their birth have a higher risk of lacking iron in the body. It is very necessary to provide all the important foods to baby according to age for their proper growth and development.
  • Vegetarian: Being a human being, we have no right to eat other living beings. This is a reason which will make your children the animal lover but intake of meat will fulfil the iron deficiency in kids as well as in adults too. 
  • Loss of blood: However this disease is not common in babies but some kids suffer from the loss of blood during their bowel movement because of any type of infection or ulcer in the stomach. The children affected with this type of disease will have to suffer from iron deficiency too.

What are the symptoms of iron Deficiency in children?

  • Lack of energy and always feeling laziness.
  • No interest in playing with other kids because of fatigue.
  • The nails will appear brittle.
  • The colour of the tongue looks less red and gets whiter.
  • You will notice some cracks on the side of the mouth of your baby.
  • No interest in eating foods.
  • Cravings for dirt, paint, starch, chalk or ice.
  • The growth and development of the body slow down gradually.
  • The skin of the body become pale especially hands, nails and eyelids.
  • You will notice your baby doing rapid breathing in an abnormal way if he is suffering from iron deficiency.
  • Children will have a behavioural problem.
  • The baby will frequently suffer from infections.
  • Children will have a rapid heartbeat and heart murmur.
  • The children will lack iron in the body gets irritated very easily at every small thing.

How to prevent Iron deficiency in Children?

There are many steps which you can adapt to save your children from iron deficiency. The process to avoid iron deficiency in babies starts as soon as you get pregnant. Have a look at some of the steps to prevent the disease:

  • Take healthy iron-rich foods during pregnancy so that your baby born with proper iron present in the body.
  • During pregnancy get the checkup for anaemia. If the result comes positive then your doctor will give you the proper treatment.
  • You eat lots of iron foods while breastfeeding. Your baby will get that from your milk.
  • Introduce the solid foods to your baby when your baby completes his 6 months. Ask doctors that which irons rich foods you can give your baby at the 1st stage of starting solid.
  • Take advice from your dietician to list out all the iron-rich foods if you are vegetarian.
  • If you love to eat non-veg foods then give your baby the red meat for 3-4 times in a weak.
  • The vitamin C has the ability to absorb more iron for the body. Make habit of your baby to eat things like oranges, lemons, mandarins, berries, kiwifruit, tomatoes, cabbage, capsicum and broccoli. 
  • Don’t skip the meals of the kids because this will make them fussy eaters. They will start neglecting the foods and each less variety.
  • If your child is big enough to understand then aware him about the benefits of iron foods and how important they are for human bodies.

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