Indian Parents Melodrama: Be a Doctor or Engineer! Nothing else!

In India, there are only two professions that hold the highest value according to Indian parents. One is a doctor and the other is obviously engineer. This article is for your parents. I hope it makes you rethink your actions and those who are about to do this, hope this puts some sense in your heads.

Where did this All Humdrum start?

No offense parents but knowingly or unknowingly you were being influenced by your external environment. Middle-class families in society are more influenced than any other class in society.

When dads go to their offices, the person sitting next to your cubicle will start by saying “Sir, finally, my daughter has got a seat in MBBS. Your son and my daughter are of the same age group, right? What is your son doing now?”.

Dads will think that their children are of no use if they don’t become a doctor or engineer if the students take Sciences.

Moms just finish their household chores and sit in the balcony. At the same time, the neighbor comes and says “You know what? My son just cracked IIT. He is going to Mumbai next month. What about your daughter? She also took MPC right? How much did she score?”

Moms will think that if their children don’t qualify IIT, their prestige will just flow in the air in front of other neighbors.

Irritated dad and worried mom will sit together that night at the dining table and then they take a decision to make either of their children doctor and engineer. That’s where your children’s difficulties and your high expectations begin.

When your children complain about the pressure, you either tell them to manage it or you tell that it is their fate. When did you become that power to decide your children’s liking and disliking? They have to decide on their future. Not the expectations of the society on you. Alright. Let’s talk about business now.

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Mandial Kids

Doctor or Engineer? Which profession is the best?

Seriously parents? Comparison of two different and difficult jobs? Grow up. Here are some pros and cons of these two jobs

  1. Doctors have job security while engineers do not.
  2. Both doctors and engineers can become self-dependent.
  3. Both professions have equal respect in society.
  4. The work hours of doctors are not specific whereas the work hours of engineers are flexible.
  5. Both professions require a lot of hard work.
  6. Both jobs require a lot of dedication.
  7. Both jobs require a lot of commitment.
  8. The income of doctors is completely based on studies whereas the income of engineers is based on designation and experience.
  9. The graduation period of engineers is 4 years whereas the graduation period of doctors is 6 years.

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Is it good to force your child to become a doctor or engineer?

Forcing is never an option to achieve anything. You can take a horse to a river but you cannot make the horse drink the water in the river. Let your children choose what they want to become. They are going to lead the rest of their lives not you.

You might argue that we have brought them to this planet don’t we have the right to tell them? You only gave birth to your children. Not to their fate. You also tell it for their benefit. But that depends on the way they take it.

You can use the forcing to motivate your children who are already into one of these fields. Being in one of these fields and getting out of them successfully is really a huge task. You can motivate them to stay strong and be committed to this field. That will make your children get new energy and work enthusiastically and be much more productive.

Don’t ever force your children to do something. That might lead to serious psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, insomnia, disturbances and they get so disturbed at times that they might even attempt to commit suicide and sometimes they might get successful in that too. We don’t want to lose our precious little gems. Do we?

I think your prestige is not important to your children’s lives. Think wise before you act.

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What should your child actually become?

Ask your children what they want to become. Sit patiently and have a nice talk with them. Don’t snap at them. Don’t discourage them saying that the field they choose doesn’t have any scope and there won’t be much income. Instead, sit with them and motivate them to start something new in their fields.

If your child is interested in arts, let him/her take the arts stream. Let him/her study while enjoying it. Not while thinking about the things that didn’t happen.

Motivate them towards their goals.

When they feel sad or depressed, sit with them and talk to them like their best friend. Think about the problem from their perspective and suggest the solution to their problems by putting yourself in their shoes. Trust me all a teenager need is a parent best friend especially in the form of their guide who can understand and support them through their thick and thin.

Give them their freedom of expression and their freedom of speech. Parents should be aware of the children’s likes and dislikes. Parents should provide love and affection which every teenager needs. In this way, they won’t go searching for the same love in outsiders.


Firstly, blackmailing children emotionally is a social crime. You are punishable for this serious offense. Let them fly. Let them do what they want. Let them do what they wish for. Let them do what they are capable of.

Don’t let others decide your children’s future. Dogs bark while the elephant is passing in the street. Your children have the power to change the fate of this country. Let them decide what they want to do with their future.

This is for your parents. Think twice. Not all parents are fortunate to have children like yours!


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