Important Signs and Symptoms of multiple childbirths

Are you in a doubt that you might be pregnant with multiple children? That may be true or may not be because doubt on your part is just a guess. But there are certain signs and symptoms on the basis of which you can make sure whether you are having multiple childbirths or not.

In this article, we shall check out the different signs and symptoms of multiple pregnancies and how to verify the symptoms.

Sure Signs or Symptoms of a Multiple Pregnancies

Have a look at the following signs and symptoms of multiple pregnancies to be sure:

1.    Check the Ultrasound Report:

With the help of an Ultrasound, you can know accurately about multiple childbirths. It is the most reliable method which is usually suggested by doctors for knowing whether you a single child or multiple children is the only way to know for sure if you are carrying multiples.

2.    Heartbeat Count:

Herat sounds can be detected by experienced doctors and midwives in the late first trimester. The doctors and midwives are equipped to listen to multiple heartbeats at a time but the method is not reliable as that of ultrasound because the single heartbeat can be heard in mother’s abdomen a number of times but in different areas at the same time.

3.    Check the HCG Levels:

During pregnancy women produce HCG hormone which is very likely to rise in case of multiple childbirths there is a chance that the HCG level would rise above than the normal range. But this change may not always be due to multiple childbirths therefore further investigations are required after knowing that HCG level is increasing but no assumptions can be made just on bases of HCG hormones.

4.    Do an AFP Test:

The AFP test is conducted in the second trimester, its basic purpose is to detect birth defects and check whether the foetal liver is secreting the right amount of protein or not. The AFP full name is Alpha-fetoprotein and is also revered by other names such as maternal serum screening and the triple marker test. IN case if your test comes positive that is it shows less or more secreting of protein then required it might indicate multiple childbirths or multiple pregnancies which might not be true.

5.    Measuring for Gestational Age:

It is a common practice among the doctors and the midwives to measure a women’s fundal height that helps to know the gestational age of the women. Fundal height refers to the distance between the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus {but measured during pregnancy only not in normal body routine}.  The symptoms of the women with a chance of multiple childbirths could be increased in uterine stretching and the fundal height is more than the real gestational age. Again they might be a factor indicating multiple childbirths but it may be caused because of different reasons as well.

6.    Experiencing a Weight Gain:

Weight gain is an important factor. Although it cannot be declined that there can be multiple reasons for excessive weight but multiple pregnancies could be one of them.

Weight gain can be an issue due to poor eating habits. It is scientific that women would only gain weight in pregnancy till a certain level according to her height. Body type and pre-pregnancy weight but if a woman is expecting to give multiple childbirths her weight would be 10 pounds more than the one carrying a single baby.

7.    Regular Morning Sickness:

Almost half of the pregnant women experience morning sickness and fatigue but there are casing where mothers expecting multiple childbirths a more intense kind of morning sickness but it is not the case with every woman. Therefore the factor of morning sickness may not apply to all. There is a point to be kept in mind that multiple pregnancies not always mean intense morning sickness sometimes it might be of other reasons and can also be seen in single childbearing mothers.

8.    Experience Early or Frequent Foetal Movement:

The point is controversial even among the medical community. Some doctors believe the women expected to have multiple childbirths only slow early foetal movement and is more frequent. Whereas the other class of doctors suggests that it can be also seen in any single childbearing mothers due to various other reasons. It’s not always necessary that multiple pregnancies are a cause of early foetal movement.

9.    Feeling Extreme Fatigue:

Fatigue is something even a normal person comes across in his or her daily life. Very specifically in pregnancy fatigue comes with stress, workload and day- to day or future responsibilities. This is considered normal but at times this can also be reported by women who are expecting multiple childbirths. The fatigue arises as the mother’s body is passing down the nutrients to more than one baby.

10. Family History matters:

It is a very likely chance that if you have a family history of multiple childbirths on either side that is from mothers side or fathers there are chances that you might experience multiple pregnancies. Sometimes mothers also have intuitions that come true in most cases. Although nothing can be said orally and a proper medical test and doctors assistance is required to know whether you are going to be a mother of two or a single child.

Some final Words

There are a lot of methods to know about multiple pregnancies mostly through a mere idea that has a likely less change to be correct. The best option is to go for an ultrasound. So, what are you waiting for? If you hear more than one heartbeat in your Uterus, it may be because there are more than one babies.

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