Importance Of Breakfast In Diet

Breakfast as the name suggests is the breaking of fast, and fasting is the time after absorption of a meal by the body which means there is no further nourishment happening during the course.

Most of us have dinner between 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm and from then on till the next morning close to 12 hrs there is no intake and those who skip breakfast are without any fuel for more than 16-19 hrs which has a tremendous negative impact on the body. Having a well-balanced breakfast helps not only to be healthy throughout one’s life but helps in coping with general stress and other related problems.

Role of Breakfast

The reason most people skip breakfast is not that they are not hungry but due to lack of proper planning and oversleeping. Breakfast provides vital nourishment to take one through the day with a fresh and healthy mind apart from a healthy body. People who have a healthy and good breakfast are more energetic throughout the day; they have a higher level of concentration and span of attention. It helps in better handling of situations by keeping one emotions in control and also they will have better general health compared to those who avoid having breakfast. A proper breakfast should be capable of providing 1/3rd of the calorie requirement of the entire day.

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How skipping breakfast can harm you

Skipping breakfast can have not just one but many related problems which show up during the course of life at various stages. Those who skip breakfast are more prone to being heavy smokers and drinkers which will take its toll on the health in due course especially smoking and the effect of drinking on empty stomach leads to further problems. Skipping breakfast causes hunger pangs during mid-morning hours which provokes binging on unhealthy snacks resulting in weight gain and other associated illnesses. Also skipping breakfast reduces alertness, concentration and also leads to more emotional fluctuations making a person easily irritable or annoyed. It has also been seen that skipping breakfast causes chronic ailments and is also a large cause of early death the prevention of which could have been possible otherwise. As a result of continuous practice of skipping breakfast, the general appetite of a person may also change leading to changes in their metabolic activities in due course.

Diet to be included in Breakfast

Breakfast should be a sumptuous meal since the level of glucose is at its lowest during the morning hours. It is advised to have a high fiber diet for breakfast as it enhances metabolism. Intake of a higher amount of carbohydrates and a lower amount of fat helps in increasing alertness. Cereals with lesser sugar content, assorted fruits, milk, fresh juice, brown bread, pancakes with honey, eggs, and toast are all a healthy way to start your day. Some may find it hard to start off on a filling breakfast all of a sudden in these cases it is better to start off with some fresh juice and fruits and slowly increase the intake. Waking up early and giving some time also helps in planning and preparing a good breakfast this also will bring in the urge to have breakfast as the metabolic activity bounces back. Apart from the above any healthy food with less fat and sugar is an ideal breakfast and can be made more interesting by bringing in variations as per individual tastes and preferences.


Breakfast and its effect on Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories and this burning of calories helps in maintaining a healthy and attractive physique. One of the major factors which boost metabolism is having adequate breakfast as it starts the metabolic activity. This is one of the reasons why people who skip breakfast as part of dieting for weight loss still remain fat or may even put on more weight. Adding fruits with high content of Vitamin C to the diet also aids in the process of metabolism. Another way of increasing metabolic activity would be to have smaller meals more frequently for instance start with a bowl of assorted fruits to start with and after an hour or so a bowl of cereal can bring about a lot of change.

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