Ideal Sleeping Position

Sleep restores you mentally and physically. To sleep in the right posture is important to derive the maximum benefit from rest. There are different postures in which a person sleeps. 

Sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side may put some strain on your spinal cord. But there are ways to counter this. You can use a cervical pillow

  1. A cervical pillow is a pillow designed to support the head and the neck according to a person’s orthopedic needs. It helps you relax better and eases the stress on the neck and head.
  2. Cervical pillows are prescribed for people with back pain, arthritis, neck problems, and so on. The pillow is raised in the neck position and lowered where the headrests.
  3. A cervical pillow is prescribed for people with arthritis, neck problems, and back pain.
  4. Snoring, headaches and sleeplessness are some problems that can be treated better with the use of cervical pillows.

While sleeping on the side place a pillow between your knees

Place arms over the head to reduce the stress on the back and neck 


Sleeping on your back

It is seen that this is the most ideal way of resting as the spine is not under undue stress. You can add a rolled-up towel under your neck for resting the neck region efficiently.

To rest the lower spine, place a pillow of medium thickness below the knees. A special pillow used exclusively or an ordinary pillow could be used. The lower back is relieved of stress in this manner.

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Sleeping on your stomach

This posture causes a lot of stress on the neck region. When sleeping on your stomach, your head is turned sideways. Because of this the neck muscles and joints are stressed.  


While sleeping, the body will try to attain a position of more comfort. This would result in turning. It is seen that people who are used to sleeping on their stomachs are those who toss and turn the most during the night. In order to attain the most comfortable position while sleeping on the stomach, you must

  1. Avoid using the pillow for the head
  2. Place a pillow near the waist
  3. Ensure the mattress is not too old and sagging
  4. A firm (not hard) and medium soft mattress would be more comfortable; avoid extremely soft mattresses that sink with your weight  

The three styles of sleeping will make it evident that for optimum rest and relaxation while sleeping, lying on your back is the ideal position. If the suggestions given in the above paragraphs lead to some discomfort or pain, do consult your physician to know why.   If you are accustomed to sleeping on your side, then it is important to find out whether sleeping on your right or sleeping on your left is better for you.

Sleep gives the body much-needed rest and relaxation. It is important to sleep in the right posture so as not to place stress on any part of the body. Sleeping on the back is the ideal way to relax your spinal cord. Sleeping on your side or on your stomach may cause stress to the back and the neck.

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