Hypocrisy, Sycophancy and Fake Emotions in Indian Society

Indian society has been portrayed as an idealistic one in the global context since ages, but this is a fallacy. We are highly pluralistic as we are taught to be united as a family in childhood & at the same time our mothers & grandmothers or our aunts for a matter of fact are fighting a war of supremacy in the household since time immemorial.  The males are having their own agenda. Nuclear families are the death knell to whatever remained of the so-called Indian family setup. This is a highly debatable topic as the present Indian society is marred with hypocrisy & fake emotions. Family ties are distorted, brothers don’t see eye to eye, property feuds within families occupy the bulk of court cases in our country and divorces are on the rise. Day in & day out we are witnessing newer family crime cases. Indians hold a fake notion that westerners have no families and they are all materialistic but on the contrary, they are more family oriented & are more truthful towards each other in comparison to us, I may sound a bit naïve but this holds true. Indian society is filled with sycophants & hypocrites, wherever you look you’ll find yourself surrounded by such people. Sycophants surround politicians, bureaucrats, people of authority and if in case (exceptional) they are honest and responsible then these parasites (sycophants) destroy the integrity of such men & turn them into Draculas’ on the prowl.

Indians have the habit & a legacy of hypocrisy & sycophancy, this coupled with high disposable income as a result of Glasnost & Perestroika (globalization & openness, using these Russian words to stress on what the 90’s signify on the global scenario) from the 90’s has further torn apart the relationship in families and our society as a whole. We have degraded to such a low level that it is high time we come out of this.

Remedial measures are to be taken on war footing to curb this menace by the earliest possible time as the situation has reached colossal level. We all need to take an oath to shun hypocrisy, sycophancy & fake emotions from within us & bind our family first & then our society. We need to preach & practice the same in front of our children, the family bonds need to strengthen & having fake emotions & a polarized view need to be corrected. We need to adopt an open-minded approach & outlook in the society. The senior citizens need to be respected & consulted with, as they hold immense treasure of experience for the cruise control of the society. The social institutions, religious outfits, non-government organizations & the government should awaken by the earliest to check this alarming attitude & formulate a workable policy. The pool of retired intellectuals from education, social welfare, police department can come handy in making a strategy to eradicate these vices. Moral education needs to be imbibed in course curriculum at all levels starting from pre-primary up to secondary level. Weekly/ monthly counsellor visits be made compulsory as is having an Aadhar card to make up for the immense societal degradation that has been done.

Material wealth can be eroded but morality can change the tides, this mantra needs to be embellished.



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