How to Use Concealer for Acne Prone Skin

Every person covets smooth, blemish-free skin. With today’s stressful lifestyles, pollution, and unhealthy dietary habits, more and more are prone to acne breakout than ever before. Acne is an outbreak of pustules on the skin caused due to clogged pores or ingrown hair. Acne, if not treated dermatologically can lead to unsightly scars.

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Acne Scars due to Hormonal Imbalances

Acne scars take a long time to heal and can cause pitting. Moreover, acne breakouts are not limited to teenagers.  Middle-aged men and women also experience acne breakouts for short periods of time due to hormonal imbalances. While acne certainly deserves to be treated clinically and followed up with lifestyle changes, makeup offers quick-fix solutions for a cover-up.


How to Make Up for Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin should be covered with light makeup. Using heavy makeup often aggravates a pre-existing acne condition. Acne-prone skin should be washed with a medicated cleanser. Choose a water-based mineral foundation, as close to the natural skin tone as possible, and dab lightly over the face, using the tip of a finger. Use a sponge to spread and blend the foundation. Most makeup artists dab loose powder foundation over the liquid foundation to set the makeup. The foundation itself suffices to cover small blemishes.

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Acne scars and zits come in focus because they are often found in the form of red spots or upraised skin. Concealers work on the principle of deflecting light away from problem areas. Concealers for acne need to be shades that are yellow-based.

To cover acne scars, we need to use powder and liquid Concealer which is at least a shade darker than the foundation. Make-up artists cover acne pits using a fluffy brush and Concealer powder. The powder is applied deftly by using an upward circular motion.


Acne and pimples pose a bigger challenge. A minute amount of liquid Concealer is dabbed on the zit using the tip of the little finger. The same should be smoothed in and set using a brush and loose powder. Avoid layering on Concealer as this can give a chalky look to the makeup.

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The latest in a long range of Concealers available in the market are Concealer sticks. These are extremely useful in covering acne. One has to merely dab the zit with the stick. A minute amount of Concealer covers the zit and a light application of translucent powder completes the cover-up for the acne-prone skin.

Full-blown acne if untreated leaves unsightly scars. Dermatological treatment calls for a lot of expense and takes time. Make-up provides a short-term solution to the problem. In the case of sensitive skin, it makes sense to invest in dermatologically tested products, although expensive.

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