How to treat the nappy rash with care

Babies are the most delicate creatures with tiny toes and arms and sensitive body organs. They are more prone to minor diseases because of their immature response to their surroundings. There are high chances that they might get rashes and infections due to improper diet or untidy baby care. The nappy area needs to be clean and tidy as this area is a healthy home for bacteria and fungi which can further create huge wounds and itchy rashes.

So, let’s have a look at some of the effective methods using which you can easily remove the rashes in the nappy area without causing any harm to the bay’s physical body:

1. Focus on Self Care

Self-care is regarded as the best treatment for nappy rash. To prevent nappy rash parents should change their baby’s nappy more frequently. Parents should use disposable nappies that better absorb urine and leave the surface of the nappy dry. Use only water and ph-neutral soaps to clean your baby’s bottom and make sure to change cloth nappies often and do not put plastic pants over them. You can also make your own cream to reduce inflammation.

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2. Use Aloe Vera

You can also heal your baby’s nappy rash by applying Aloe Vera gel directly to that area. You may get it straight from the leaves of the plant or use bottled aloe Vera to calm inflammation. It can be soothing for a baby’s diaper rash. Just clean and dry your baby and apply Aloe Vera gel on the rash. It is very suitable for gentle baby skin to prevent diaper rash. It can provide quick relief for your baby. Aloe Vera gel serves as a safe and effective treatment. You should use it for a few days when changing diapers. It has infection-fighting antibacterial properties so it is a topical relief for any mild skin irritation your baby may be having a reaction to.

3. Apply coconut oil

One of the most natural products to treat nappy rash is coconut oil. This is the one you may have already at your home. This is a very helpful remedy for diaper rash and many mothers agree it can work wonders. It is the most common treatment used to treat skin conditions and also helps in maintaining good skin health. It also helps moisturize the skin and heal wounds and is very effective for diaper rashes. It may reduce skin inflammation, irritation, and itching. It is safe for infants when used topically. Just make sure before applying it on your baby’s bottom, clean and dry their skin first. After applying, allow it to dry completely before putting on a fresh diaper.

4. Use Breast milk

Using breast milk to diaper rash is one of the most effective and safe treatments. In fact, it is much better than any other treatment. It is so precious and beneficial for your body. It contains a natural moisturizer which speeds the healing process. Wash the infected area with the water first and then rub breast milk on it and let it fully dry before diapering. It is absolutely magical. It is the greatest way to fix diaper rash. It is nature’s gift to humans. It helps to soothe your baby’s bottom and keep the rashes from spreading. And this is the reason why moms call breast milk liquid gold.

5. Use apple cider vinegar

As new baby skin is so soft and delicate we should keep it away from any type of skin infection. But sometimes it occurs and the great thing is that there are lots of easy remedies for diaper rash and for other most common baby complaints like teething, colic, etc. You may use diluted apple cider vinegar to heal diaper rash. It has anti-bacterial qualities that help to fight diaper rash. Be aware while applying this to your baby’s skin. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and wash your baby’s bottom with it each time you change his diaper. It works effectively on fungal and yeast infections and kills the bacteria that may make the rash worse and also prevent the growth of yeast.


6. Try olive oil

Olive oil is generally loaded with inflammatory properties which reduces itching and skin irritation associated with diaper rash. It protects the baby’s skin from bacteria. It creates a protective barrier that keeps the urine from doing further damage. It is especially helpful in preventing diaper rash. Olive oil is renowned for its wide benefits for babies especially. It is considered safe for babies.

7. Apply cornstarch

The Baby’s skin is very sensitive and may experience skin irritation while wearing diapers. Diaper rash may be caused by a diaper that is too tight or that is left on for too long. To remove diaper rash is a simple process. First, wash the area with mild soap using a towel or a cloth. Rinse the soap off the skin. Let it dry for a few minutes. Then apply cornstarch to the skim by lightly sprinkling it directly onto the skin. You can also use cornstarch with petroleum jelly. After that place a fresh diaper on the baby.

8. Seek Required medical advice

If your baby’s nappy rash does not improve after a week or in a month you should see your doctor. Maybe the nappy rash is infected by thrush. Follow the directions for use if your doctor suggests baby creams for thrush. Wash your baby’s skin properly and then apply a thin layer of the cream on the affected area. Go for a weekly checkup in order to diagnose the results of the medical creams suggested by the doctors.

Some Final Words

Thus, these points can help in healing the nappy area very quickly and provide natural nourishment to the body. All the substances mentioned in the above points are easily available in the market and are purely natural which lowers the chances of causing any harm to the baby’s sensitive skin.

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