How to treat Loose motions in babies

Loose Motions in babies are very common but it makes our babies irritated, restless, and cranky. I hate the periods when my son suffers from loose motions. Almost on all teeth coming he had loose motions and we have nothing to fix for loose motions during teething time. The only thing we can do is wash their nappies every minute. But it is not always that the frequent bowel movement in babies happens due to teething. Sometimes this can be the cause for various other reasons like food infections, indigestion, diarrhea, and many others.

As a parent, we have to figure out the reason why our baby is suffering from loose motions. It is natural or somewhere we did any mistake so our babies have to suffer from this colic. Before we start to discuss the treatment, we should know about various other reasons which can cause loose motions in babies.

  • The very first reason mostly in babies cases is Teething. Most of the babies had loose motions during this time. There are many home remedies for teething babies which you can try to avoid uneasiness.
  • The loose motion can also happen due to indigestion. If your baby had some spicy solid foods then they can suffer from the frequent loose motions.
  • Any food which did an infection in your baby’s tummy can lead to this frequent poo situation. I can share one of my experiences. During Dipawali my baby was of 8 months and we had given him a small piece of Gulab Jamuna and various other homemade sweets to eat which had been infected in my son’s stomach. The infection was badly expanded and he has to take medicines for 15 days with injections. Doctors strictly told us to avoid the sweet things for babies till 1 year and after that also in small quantity.
  • Sometimes introducing new solid foods also make the tummy upset because of much quantity.
  • Sometimes bad weather like so much heat can also be the reason for the loose motions.
  • If the baby had eaten the dirt or any other unhygienic thing then it may result in frequent bowel movements.


These are some of the pointed and basic reasons for the loose motions in babies. Now we will proceed further article by knowing the treatment of loose motions in babies. Check out:

I mostly prefer the home remedies for my son’s colic and according to me, we should avoid the medicines to the babies as much as possible. Try to give the home treatment to your baby at least for 1-2 days and if you don’t see any recovery then consult with a doctor. Check out some effective home remedies for loose motions:

  1. ORS: The oral rehydration solution or ORS water is very beneficial for babies during this time. The body gets dehydrated and ORS helps in recovering the lack of water in the body. This can be easily purchased from the medical shops or you can also easily prepare it at home. You have to mix 6 teaspoons of sugar and ½ teaspoon of salt in 1-liter water. Mix them well and give the solution to your baby every hour.
  1. Banana: This is the best remedy to get rid of the loose motions not only in babies but in adults too. You can mash the banana and give it to your baby. This is the most quickly affected remedy.
  1. Sabudana Water: Soak half cup Sabudana for 1 hour. After soaking boil it till the Sabudana get completely immersed in water. Strain and give the remaining water to your baby. This will not only cure the loose motions but will also help in maintaining the body fluids.
  1. Breast milk: Breast Milk is good for baby’s all disease. If your baby is breastfeeding then try to feed him as much as you can. The BM has many natural nutrients which will be very helpful to cure loose motions. If your baby is below 6 months and totally depended on your milk then don’t try any other remedy on him.
  1. Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate Juice is also a good option as it will also give a taste to babies and they will like to drink the juice. This will also keep the body hydrated.
  1. Curd: Probiotic drinks like curd, yogurt, or even Buttermilk is good for babies during summertime. You can add sugar and salt to it to balance the body fluids. It is strictly prohibited if your baby is suffering from cough & cold.
  1. Coconut Water: You can give your baby coconut water because it is very good in maintaining the water level of the body. This is a good remedy for all age groups of people.
  1. Nutmeg: The Nutmeg or we popularly call it Jaifal is a very good remedy to stop the loose motion in babies. Make the paste of the Jaifal by mixing water and give it to your baby.
  1. Carrot Juice: This is directly not the remedy for loose motion but it provides the energy to the baby’s body that they have lost during excessive loose motions. You can either make juice of it or you can give carrot puree to your baby.
  1. Avoid Milk: Say bye to any type of milk other than Breast Milk because they are not at all good during loose motions. Even avoid the milk products like cheese, butter, or margarine as these are heavy in nature and become difficult for the intestine to digest and lead to increasing the loose motions.

Apart from these remedies, try that your baby takes a rest as much as possible. Feed him frequently because he might not like to eat during loose motion but as Mother, it is your duty to give him foods to maintain the levels. If there is no effect of Home remedies on your baby then take your baby to pediatric for better treatment.


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