Travelling with kids

How to travel with your baby safely

Babies are the precious gems of parents. Once you hold your little infant for the first time, you will realize that your life has completely changed and so do your holiday trips. Travelling with a baby is much more exciting,  adventurous, thrilling, and full of fear. Parents are advised to do proper planning before going on a holiday trip with your newborn and make sure that you carry all the essential baby care products with you to avoid any kind of inconvenience in the flight.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the key points that parents should keep in mind before travelling with their baby in the flights:

Book the right aeroplane seats

On long hauls flights, you should request for a bassinet and an aisle seat at the front of the plane for shorter flights while travelling with a baby. An aisle seat is super preferable for getting up to walk or change the baby. You can call in advance or put in a request for one. And always call to see if you can reserve the aisle or at least put in a request. Also when you are flying with an infant in arms, purchased a separate seat for the baby. It will be a little luxury to have for the baby.

Wear your baby

It is so much easier. You can easily move around, navigate stairs and generally be faster. May it does not work for everyone but it is worth a try as baby generally loves to be close to you. Your baby can nap and sleep great in the carrier as well. Also when wearing your baby in a car, make sure that the seat belt is not over the baby otherwise it will be critical.

Things to consider when travel by car

Never put a seat belt over your baby on you. It is recommended that your baby should always ride in the back site and never in a front sear. Make sure that the car seat is properly installed and the car seats belt are correctly threaded before you leave on your trip. You may also get removable shade screens for the car’s side window to shield your baby’s eyes from the sun. Just drive in comfort. You can dress infants comfortably like loose clothing or pyjamas and blankets.

Pack light

Don’t pack a lot of baby gear or your stuff. The less the better. Always. If you will be doing things like moving around much or catching a bus or train, think about your mobility needs and pack accordingly. Just try to keep it simple. Your baby really doesn’t need as much as we have been led to believe they do. For yourself, just make sure every single clothing item pairs with every other single one. In fact, you can buy most of the items at your destination. So always pack light when travelling with your baby. Also, don’t carry many toys. Let your baby play with sundry objects.

Know where to find the local doctor at your destination

You never know when something big or small might happen when you are travelling with your child especially. Maybe as a parent, you might freak out or want to see a doctor. So have travel insurance and it is important to know where to find the local doctor or emergency room at your destination. Also on airlines when you purchase your plane ticket, get travel insurance along, it will reimburse you easily for the expenses. You may also assemble a first aid kit within the supplies you might need to deal with minor medical problems while on the road with your baby.

Prepare for foreign food

When travelling to countries that are known for foodborne diseases, it is always a good idea to travel with baby food. Just don’t assume that all the countries carry the same brands of food name, many do not. Be sure to pack nonperishable foods and keep your baby hydrated.

Always sit right next to your baby

If you are driving in a car, have one parent drive while the other parent sits in the backseat with your child. As you are your child’s comfort zone. In fact, you are home to your baby. He will feel safe and secure with you seated next to him. You may tell stories, sing songs, etc. This will keep him interested and also help calm and soothe your child.

Carry sunscreen

It is a must if you will be spending time outdoors. Sunscreen is better especially for the babies who have fair skin. You can apply a small amount of sunscreen to the baby’s face if he is younger than 6 months. You can use it liberally whenever skin is exposed to older babies. The right way to apply it on the baby skin is, spray or take some on your hands first and then gently rub it on. You can also bring a hat to shade your baby from the sun in warm or to keep him warm during cool weather.

Choose an easy destination

You should select a relaxing destination when travelling with your child. Skip the loud and crowded tourist destinations as these may make things more bearable for everyone. You may consider a beach or a resort with larger rooms and the one that will offer infant care sufficient for you to have some alone time. Just keep it simple and make your travel more enjoyable for everyone. Also, limit yourself to one activity a day and you will find it much easier to make last-minute adjustments.

Final Words

Thus, this article is a masterpiece for all those parents who are looking forward to planning a trip with their little ones. Make sure that you carry a first aid kit in case of any injury or accident. Also, bring a lightweight umbrella stroller for your long-distance trips. Moreover, bring some toys and books for the entertainment of your baby on the flight.

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