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How To Take Care of Hair Texture

Beautiful hair is something that almost every woman desires. But taking care of your long locks can be more than just oiling and washing. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to hair, especially textured hair. Taking care of hair can be a tricky task at times. It can get damaged and dehydrated if not taken care of properly.

Textured Hair And Its Needs

Textured hair is very different from normal straight hair, not only in the way it looks but also in its chemical structure and properties. Thus, it’s important that you know how to take care of hair texture according to its needs. Textured hair requires more care and protection than normal hair. So make sure that you use the right styling techniques and products that guide you on how to take care of hair textures. If you’re confused as to what’s best for your hair type, read on to know how to identify and deal with different hair structures.

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Identify Your Hair Type

How to take care of hair texture depends largely on identifying your hair type correctly. Your hair texture depends on your genes. The shape and texture of your hair also change with age and too much styling. Hair can be of many types; it can either be light colored, thin, and elastic or it can be dark colored, strong, and frizzy. Having a hair texture that is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes is a good thing. It’s manageable, as well as strong, and has good volume.

Finding The Right Product

Once you identify your hair type, it is easier to know how to take care of hair texture. The next step is to find out what products suit your hair texture best. Try and find a range of good hair care products that work well and assist you in how to take care of hair texture. And always remember to keep changing your shampoo. It’s found that textured hair becomes immune to certain ingredients of the shampoo after regular usage for a long time.

Avoid Mechanical Stress

Pollution and mechanical stress can make textured hair frizzy, dehydrated, and unhealthy. Textured hair has to be dealt with very carefully. Avoid using tight rubber bands; instead, use rubber bands that are covered with soft cloth or velvet. The best way to maintain your hair texture; is by leaving your hair open for as long as possible.

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Healthy Styling

How to take care of hair texture is a very important aspect while styling your hair. Textured hair has very complex chemical bonds that get easily disturbed due to heat and excessive chemicals. If you have wavy hair or intense curls, avoid blow drying them too often. This way the hair texture maintains its shape and your hair stay healthy.

Find Out What Works Best For You

One of the easiest and the healthiest ways to know how to take care of hair texture is by going through various books and informative blogs. This way you get a general idea of how to take care of hair texture. Using natural ingredients for your hair can be very beneficial. Vinegar and lemon juice add volume and shine to any kind of hair texture and color. Another wonderful technique that helps maintain hair texture and shape, is massaging your scalp. You can use different oils, depending on your hair type. Olive oil is very useful in case you have an itchy scalp; on the other hand, if your hair is dehydrated you can use coconut oil for retaining its moisture levels.

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Simple Ways To Start Caring For Your Hair

Taking care of your hair on a basic level every day and trying out new ways to maintain the health of the hair will give you a better idea of how to take care of hair texture. Simple do’s and don’ts can help you on how to take care of hair texture, such as; avoiding combing your hair while it is still wet, using a wide toothed comb to avoid friction and damage to the scalp and lastly, always use a hair serum. Using a hair serum protects your hair texture from external damage that may be caused due to excessive exposure to the sun or pollution.

Wath What Your Are Eating

Lastly, your hair is a part of you. What you eat reflects directly on the quality of your hair texture and its shine. Make sure you consume a lot of water and an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to keep your hair texture healthy and lustrous. Water keeps you hydrated, while minerals and vitamins provide the right kind of nutrition for your hair.

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