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How To Take Care Of Hair In Winters

Winter is not only cold but also dry. The extreme climatic conditions in winter can affect the quality of your hair. Obviously, this dry season makes the hair also dry. In the winter days, you have to keep your indoor environment warmed up using room heaters. Therefore, both inside and outside the house it will be dry, which can cause damage to your hair. You have to take care of your hair in the winter season by adopting certain measures to maintain the hair in good condition.

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Never fail to wear a cap or hat or scarf in the winter particularly when you happen to go out of your home. You can protect your hair from cold and wind this way. Let the cap not be very tight so that blood circulation to your scalp is not hampered. However, do not use the cap for a very long time as this can make the sebaceous glands active and result in greasy locks or limp. Use a conditioner to cleanse your hair and keep it subtle. Moist your hair and then run your hair through cold water so that it becomes shinier. Have your hair properly dried before going outside as wet hair may freeze and break due to the cold weather. Avoid using curling irons in winter. As far as possible avoid using blow dryers on your hair.

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Do not take shower in hot water. Also, avoid washing your hair using hot water. You can use for this purpose, the water which is just warm enough. Cool water is preferable. The reason behind this is that your hair will become dry due to the heat of the water and suffer damage.

Use the hair products bearing the display ‘Replenish’ on their labels as these products are meant for moisturizing your hair. If you ought to wash off your hair, use a dry shampoo. You can sprinkle some amount of baby powder on your hair and comb it off after that.

Shampoo your hair in winter only once a day. Shampooing your hair often, particularly in cold weather, will dry out the scalp and hair easily, and cause brittle hair. This is the most common mistake which almost every one of us does.

You should use only the right type of hair care products. The type of hair care product has a significant bearing on the overall health of your hair. You can consult your hairdresser to know the right type of hair care product for your hair.

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You may encounter a static charge problem when you brush your hair. To combat this problem you can spray a little amount of hair spray on the brush and then use it.

You should not overuse your hairdryer. It will dry out your hair and cause damage to it. You can however blow your hair for a little while. You can use the cool setting on the dryer while using it. Even though using cool air for drying your hair is time-consuming, the harm caused by it is very less.

If you have dry and brittle hair, you should use a leave-in conditioner to have wonderful effects.

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