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How to swaddle a baby in the right way

Babies are not just born to bring happiness and joy but they also come up with a great sense of responsibility and care. They need to be pampered and nurtured with good values and healthy eating habits. Infants health is very important as it forms the building blocks of the structure of the baby’s body functioning. Also, swaddling a baby is considered as a crucial part of keeping the child healthy and tidy. There are a plethora of methods to swaddle a baby using a different kind of cloth material but the easiest way to swaddle a baby is to find a readymade zipper swaddle in which you simply can tuck in your newborn and gently carry him in your arms. But you can also swaddle baby using any large, thin and soft blanket.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the simple steps that can help us to know about how to swaddle at a baby at your home:

1. Put out the blanket on a flat surface

To swaddle, you should place the blanket out horizontally with one edge folded down about 6 inches. The blanket should be at least 100 cm by 100 cm. If you have a blanket specifically for swaddling, this is best. The blanket should be made of a light and breathable material. This will help prevent your baby from becoming overheated.

2. Place the baby face-up on the blanket

Then place the baby facing upwards on the blanket with its head above the folded edge and his body should extend straight down toward the bottom corner.

3. Place your baby’s left arm at their side

Gently straighten your baby’s left arm and wrap the left side of the blanket over its body and tuck the blanket between right shoulder and the right side of the body. At this point, your baby’s left arm will be covered but his right arm will be free.

4. Pull the wrap around the baby’s body to the right side and move the baby’s right arm into position

Then put the right arm down and wrap the right side of the blanket over the child’s body under the left-hand side. Keep it loose so baby’s legs and feet can move around.

5. Tuck the remaining corner and close the bottom of the swaddle

Finally, take the remaining corner. Fold or twist the blanket’s bottom loosely by pleating it under one side of the body. Take the loose end and tuck it underneath the baby’s leg on one side or the other. Just make sure that the baby’s hips can move and that the blanket is not too light. Just make sure the swaddle is nice and tight and won’t unravel.

  • It is the most common way to swaddle where you put the baby on his back and gently drape the blanket like a diamond. This is done by tucking the edges diagonally making sure both the legs are free out of the blanket. If your baby seems to prefer having his arm free, it is fine to leave them out of the saddle.
  • There are other swaddling techniques which include square swaddle and sleep sack swaddle. The square swaddle technique is a technique where a baby is placed on a blanket that resembles a square before beginning the process. The sleep sack swaddle is a product that has an adjustable swaddle wrap which is designed to prevent the startle reflex in babies.
  • These swaddling techniques are suitable for newborn babies who are not used to sleeping well and require to be held all the time.
  • Some babies find swaddling restrictive and will try to fight their way free every time. As being wrapped up can interfere with healthy development for older babies too.

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Some important tips while swaddling

Given below are some of the interesting tips that can help you to swaddle your baby in a cute and gentle manner:

  1. Swaddle snugly but not too snugly: The bottom of the saddle should be loose enough so your babies can easily stretch out his legs. At the top of the saddle, you must be able to fit two to three fingers between the blanket and your baby’s chest.
  2. Always put your baby to sleep on back: Putting the baby to sleep on the back is the safest position whether you are swaddling or not. Just be sure to tuck the bottom of the blanket your baby too.
  3. Keep your baby cool: Keep the room temperature cool as swaddling could cause overheating which can raise the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Sweating, flushed cheeks, heat rash and rapid breathing are all signs that your baby might be too hot.
  4. Stop swaddling at the right time: When your baby becomes more active and is trying to roll. It means it’s time to say goodbye to the swaddle blanket. Also when babies get older their need for a swaddle will diminish.
  5. Stop swaddling your baby by two months of age: Not all babies are able to roll over by the time they are two months old but it is safest to stop swaddling before they develop the ability. Once your baby is too old for swaddling consider trying an alternative like a sleep sack or footie pyjamas.
  6. Avoid swaddling too lightly: The swaddle should be tight enough to hold the baby’s arms in place but you should still be able to fit 2-3 fingers between their chest and the blanket. It the swaddling is too lightly it could prevent their hips from developing correctly.

Final Words

This article is perfect for mothers who have carried their baby for the first time. It will not only help them to understand the whole process of swaddling but also guide them to dress their baby in an elegant manner. So, why to visit a daycare centre and spend money to learn all the baby swaddling tips when you can have full-time guidance for baby handling by reading the article.

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