How to Strengthen Parent-Child Relationships

Strengthening the child-parent relationships needs work and effort. Parenting is not easy job, but by maintaining a good and close relationship, and open communication with your kids, parents can stay linked to them during all stages of their life. More, a strong child-parent connection actually makes parenting easier since children who feel more connected to their parents are more inclined to want to listen, help and follow guidelines. Here are some tips families can use to extend bonds between parents and children.

  1. It builds children’s self-esteem-

Children who spend more time with their parents definitely build a positive sense of self-worth. When they feel valued by their parents they are bound to feel positive about themselves .The caretaker can spend time with a child in numerous ways which include watching a favorite movie or a TV show going out on a bike ride or drive or maybe just chatting under a tree ,the idea is to emotionally engage with the child .

2. Strengthens family bonds-

Positive engagement definitely acts as a step towards building of familial bonds .It is a golden opportunity to take a peek into each other’s heart and get closer. Kids who regularly eat with their families generally have improved dietary intake as compared to those who do not eat as often with their families.


3. It develops positive behavior-

Children and adolescents’ who spend more time with their parents are less likely to get involved in risky behavior  .By which is meant their getting involved in tobacco use, smoking , pre mature use of liquor  and making indiscriminate choice of company that makes them gullible to other socially risky choices which may temporarily or permanently damage them.

4. It encourages communication –

When you spend time with your children you are fostering an environment for open communication. Good communication between parents and the child is not only crucial but basic for the emotional and psychological health of the child but also for a strong bond within the family itself.

5. Impact on academic performance –

Not only would the child be emotionally strong but will feel the ease to approach the parent for school work and related issues so also difficulties related to it. The emotional comfort naturally makes the child a more resilient pupil and there’s no better learner like a happy learner.

6. It can help them to be a good friend to people-

Children learn by example. Good interactions with parents teaches children to conduct better interactions themselves and nurture friendships and relationships in future .They learn the value of sharing, kindness and acceptance.

But as we conclude that time is the greatest gift that we give to our children it leads us into analyzing another most crucial aspect of communication which is listening to our children!

Stephen R Covey has said “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen to reply”

It is important to specify right at the beginning when we mention the word listening it has a special implication when the listener needs to listen without fixing and without judgment only then shall the process facilitate a free flowing communication .Once we have that in place the rest follows! At the very outset the need of the child is to feel accepted and belonged.


Parents have the tendency to find answers for the child’s problem. The first reaction of a parent is most liable to talk and solve the problem of the child for them and that is what exactly the parents need to guard them from and give the child space and time to talk and find their own answers. And it is not only fixing that can be a problem but there is the busyness of everyday life and myriad demands on time , attention and distraction of technology  amongst a few problems that can become a hurdle in potential inclination to engage the child .But it is important to listen and listen without fixing and judgment. To listen until small people have had plenty of time to form and articulate their thoughts .So the entire act of listening to a child is a process of helping them to find their inner strength define their values and choices for themselves and then confront the world and lead fulfilling lives.

To put this in nutshell we could quote Gerry Feaster “To be truly heard is to know that our thought and feelings ,dreams and fears can be expressed and known ;that who we really are has a place in the world”

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