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How To Remove Armpit Hair

A large number of people think of armpit hair as unattractive. Naturally, removing it is up to every individual even though a few customs may not allow it. If not done in the manner that suits your skin and skin type, it may lead to further problems and serious skin irritancy problems. Therefore, knowing which method to use is extremely necessary as it can help avoid a large number of problems.

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One may first discover armpit hair around the age of thirteen, i.e., when puberty sets in. It all depends upon genetic other factors, how hairs grow and develop varies from person to person. While some people have a large amount of hair that is scattered all over the armpit, others may only have a small quantity. This hair usually has a different texture and has a longer length when compared to other pubic hair. It varies from person to person. This hair tends to get darker over the years.

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Even though the reason for the existence of armpit hair is not known for sure, one believes that initially, it provided comfort and prevented chafing during grueling tasks. 

A large number of people believe that if they shave their underarm hair, it will grow back with a coarser texture. However, this is not true as this method of hair removal does not bring about any change. The reason for this belief may be because when the hair grows back after shaving, it is usually darker and ingrown hair might appear from time to time.

When the technique was first discovered, removing this particular type of body hair was considered to be an act committed by loose women. There is no concrete fact that supports this belief as women have always been expected to be hygienic and clean.

The method of removing armpit hair varies from person to person and the reasons differ as well. Out of all the methods available, shaving is avoided the most as it can result in painful cuts and even rashes. Skin irritability is another major disadvantage.

Many women prefer shaving as it is an easy method of hair removal and comparatively less painful as well. If one’s job requires one to wear clothes that tend to show their underarms, such as a model or an actress, shaving is recommended. Some cultures do not allow the removal of body hair. Women belonging to such cultures are expected to trim their armpit hair on a regular basis.

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Laser hair removal underarms

A large number of people who suffer from extremely active sweat glands are advised to remove their armpit hair as this keeps body odor at bay. Several men remove their armpit hair as well for hygiene reasons. Swimmers, in particular, tend to remove excess body hair.

Undoubtedly, shaving is the most popular method used for hair removal

A few tips for the removal of armpit hair

  • Taking a warm bath allows the excess body hair to soften. This makes for easy hair removal.
  • Before one starts the procedure, one must make sure that instead of soap, they use shaving cream so that skin rashes can be avoided.
  • It is common knowledge that hair grows in different directions and that for easy removal, the razor must be used in a direction that is opposite to that of the hair growth. 
  • In case one relies on electric shavers more than regular razors; one must make sure that the one they use allows the application of lotions.
  • For effective hair removal, one must keep the skin tightly pulled. 
  • The blades that are attached to the razors must be cleaned on a regular basis so that the growth of ingrown hair can be avoided. 
  • The application of deodorant must be avoided at all costs as this can lead to skin irritations and extreme pain. Baby oil or powder is recommended instead.

If one is not too keen on shaving for the purpose of hair removal, one can opt for waxing. Even though this method is painful, the hair is pulled out from the roots and this prevents it from growing back for at least 15-30 days, depending on your growth rate. Depilatory creams are also used. However, these creams remove the hair from the surface only.

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