How To Reduce Inferiority Complex

Sometimes you feel not important, which means you have an inferiority complex. You may be intelligent and maybe successful too, but if you have got inferiority complex you may turn away from new people, thinking that they are better than you. Even though you are aware of your potential, when you come across others, particularly persons who are not familiar with you, you underestimate yourself. Therefore, feeling inferior is the main symptom of your inferiority complex. Your subconscious mind feels some kind of weakness and you compare yourself with others and feel you are less worthy. This means that you are disqualifying yourself. This weakness should be compensated to overcome the problem of inferiority complex. Your feeling of this kind should not take charge of your emotions or behavior. At this juncture, such feelings should be checked out. These feelings should lose their vigor to reduce the inferiority complex.

Introspection is necessary to evaluate the causes of such feelings coming in you. Ask yourself why you feel like this and get an answer from your own mind. You may be obese and hence feel that you do not look good. You believe that you are unattractive and not smart enough. Upon finding out the reason for such inferior and negative thoughts, you will be able to eradicate the complex caused by them by taking proper action.


Understanding these thoughts as your own interpretations is very important. Your fear is that people may have a negative opinion about you. It may be about your appearance, smartness, beauty, or any such attributes. You have not checked with them if your thinking is correct. Instead, you start believing that others have this kind of opinion about you. You are only holding a poor image of yourself. When you interact with others it is certain that confusion will arise as your thinking is not falling in line with their opinion. Even if your thinking is true, it is only time for you to correct yourself and not worry about your qualities. To reduce your inferiority complex, you should talk to your honest friends to know about their frank opinion about you. The correct assessment of your personality and capabilities can be given by your friends only, who are straightforward in expressing their opinion about you. Check with them if your negative thoughts hold good. Mostly you will come to know that your thoughts are only imagination. You will give a sigh of relief when you find their opinion to be contrary. This can recover you from your inferiority complex.

No one is absolutely perfect in this world and you also cannot be. Do not think you will be better to others only if you know everything and can do everything. Accept yourself as you are. Feel happy about your positive side. It is true that the downside of you can be easily repaired. Honor your realistic expectations only. Limitations and imperfections are common to all.

Keep yourself active as much as possible and avoid brooding over your failure or weaknesses. Generate positive energy in you through yoga and meditation. Always remember your strengths and abilities, successes and achievements. 

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