How To Prevent Obesity Among Children

Today’s sedentary lifestyle is one of the major reasons for the rising obesity among people. The two major factors leading to obesity are unhealthy diet habits and no physical exercise. Unhealthy food items like burgers and pizzas not only damage your health but also have a large number of calories. To stay fit and healthy we should opt for a healthier diet; try and have a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits. The other important aspect that helps in staying healthy, is exercising. Children today prefer to spend most of their free time in front of the TV and other electronic gadgets and games.

Because of such situations, it is important to prevent obesity among children. Children today indulge in fatty foods, carbonated drinks, and other food items that are high in cholesterol. Make sure that your child gets at least one or two hours of playtime; this should include games and activities that involve physical exercise, such as cycling, running, etc. if your child is not interested in playing with other kids and prefers watching TV instead, take him out for different fun activities that could strike his interest, such as; swimming or skating. Read on to find out how to prevent obesity among children in 3 easy ways.


Your child’s diet should be the right mixture of minerals, proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. The two important points to concentrate on are; what to eat and in what quantity to eat.  Their everyday diet should consist of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and a proper dinner before he goes to sleep. Breakfast should be a heavy and nutritious meal; it should consist of 2 eggs, cereal, milk, nuts, and fruits. Fresh fruit juices are a tasty way to ensure that your child gets the right amount of nutrients every morning. Have a power snack for lunch; one which contains less carbohydrate and more fiber and protein.

Eating a power snack for lunch gives you instant energy to keep you active throughout the day, and at the same time, it does not add any calories. Keep the evening snack light and healthy; fruits, milk, and nuts are good alternatives for the same.  For dinner, you should have a heavy yet low-calorie meal. Green leafy vegetables, beans, and cheese are a few of the healthy alternatives for vegetarians. Similarly, white meat, eggs, and oily fish are a few healthy and low-calorie foods that can be had for dinner in case you’re a nonvegetarian.



Exercise not only helps in reducing weight, but it also helps in staying physically fit. Make sure your child gets a minimum of 2 hours of playtime every day. Encourage your child to participate in sports such as swimming, lawn tennis, or badminton. Participating in sports provides the right kind of physical exercise every day.

Exercising on a daily basis increases your stamina, builds a competitive spirit, and also prevents weight gain. The 2 hours of playtime should preferably be an hour or two before dinner. This way your child’s appetite increases for dinner, leading to faster growth. But make sure that dinner consists of more protein and fiber than carbohydrates.


If you’re still curious to know how to prevent obesity among children, then read on to know a few easy tips on how to keep your child in perfect shape.

  • Avoid having sweetened carbonated drinks; instead, have fresh fruit juices or milkshakes which are equally tasty options.
  • Switch from white bread and rice to whole grain bread and long-grained brown rice.
  • Encourage your child to eat in correct quantities i.e. to eat only as much as required.
  • Don’t encourage your child to start dieting; eating right and exercising are the safest ways to losing weight.
  • Encourage your child to stay active the full day and avoid lazy activities such as watching TV or playing video games.
  • Be a smart shopper. When you’re out picking up groceries, be careful to buy only healthy food items. Kids get tempted easily and tend to stuff onto items like chocolate, soft drinks, cookies, etc.

Your body reacts, in the same way, to show whether you’re hungry or thirsty. Make sure you drink enough water when you feel hungry; this is because sometimes we confuse thirst for hunger.

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