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How to Prevent Love Chub

Love is the most wonderful feeling, but there are few side-effects of this phenomenon. The most common problem is the love chub. It is something people don’t understand in the initial stage of love, but later on, get to understand when they see their weight gain. When in love, you forget about everything and you tend to eat anything and everything and that is dangerous as you start gaining calories.

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There are several ways; by adapting them you can prevent love chubs

  1. Eating out Vs eating in: this is the most common reason or you can say the way that increases love chubs. When you are single, you don’t go out and eat frequently as you don’t have a regular companion to go with. This is the reason a single person prefers to prepare food at home and they are healthy. However, you can overcome this situation if you make it a point that a few times you will go out and other times you will prepare food for your partner at home. Believe me; your partner will love it. Basically, it will be a double benefit, impression on your partner and healthy food. Sometimes you can even plan to cook together and it is going to be the most intimate period of your life. 
  2. Inclination towards bed: when two individuals are in love they tend to spend more time together. There also they like to get cozy and for this, they use the bed, couch, or the floor. However, this makes them lazy and they have fewer activities in their life. You can solve this problem if you try to make your partner involved in activities. These activities can be going out, swimming, exercising, or going for a walk. The option is to join the same gym as it will give you time together and your work out as well. This will prevent you from indulging in love chubs. Pushups-as-fitness-and-workout-parents-talks-legal
  3. There are times that your partner is in habit of eating more, in such cases, you tend to eat more along with him/her. To solve this type of love chub problem one should make sure that they serve themselves less and eat slowly. This will help you to consume fewer calories. 
  4. When you are with your partner you tend to eat more snacks. Basically, their snacking habit becomes yours as well. While talking to each other you tend to order snacks very frequently as you don’t know what else to do. In such cases, you should always order or get fewer calorie snacks or avoid them. 
  5. When you are in love you are happy and this happiness can also increase love chubs. Basically, you eat more when you are happy. At that time you are not bothered about your calorie intake and this can harm your health in the future. You get chocolates and cookies as love gifts and they tend to be the best food around when you are in love. However, that is making your calorie intake higher. It is always good to be in control and avoid these types of habits.

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