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How To Prevent Infertility

Prevention of infertility is a much better option than treating it. Although many times the cause of infertility is genetic, we can take some preventive steps just to assure fertility. It is very important that you analyze the environment around you to analyze the potential causes of infertility since the environment plays a major role in controlling the fertility of a person. The food that we eat, the air that we breathe, the style of handling life’s stressetc all affect our fertility. By avoiding the potential risk factors we can safeguard our fertility.

One should follow a healthy routine to have a healthy body. A healthy style of living would protect you from the hazards of infertility. Drinking, smoking, intake of drugs can drastically affect your fertility. One should always refrain from such health detrimental things.

Stress plays a major role in controlling the fertility factor of a person. Try avoiding stress and be relaxed. A relaxed state of mind would keep the secretion of certain hormones under control; these are the hormones that affect your fertility. If your stress levels are high you should consider relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, and other forms of therapy like aromatherapy. You can also spend more time in the open air and some outdoor games to be able to neutralize the tension in your body and mind.

Sexually transmitted diseases are the biggest danger to your fertility that can be easily prevented by just taking a few steps of precaution. Some of such diseases are gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, etc. Sexually Transmitted Diseases cause irreversible harm to the reproductive system and so it is very important to stay safe from such diseases. You can protect yourself from STD’s by:

  • Having complete knowledge. It is important that people be educated about it and its hazards.
  • Keeping a distance from random sexual intercourse. Following monogamy or abstinence is the best.
  • Going for regular checkups. Also do not overlook any of the symptoms of STD.
  • Make sure you use condoms if you have sexual intercourse with more than one partner.
  • Keeping your weight in check can affect your hormone system badly and cause imbalance.

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Nowadays couples have a tendency of postponing pregnancy till they are not completely settled financially. This may result in a major delay in having a baby. Often late pregnancies are complicated and many a time it may also result in infertility.

Weight is another important factor that contributes to infertility. This does not mean that only overweight people are at the risk of infertility, even the underweight people are in the same position. Excess body weight increases the production of certain hormones in the body. The overproduction of these hormones can disrupt your normal ovulation, by making your menstrual cycle irregular and decreasing ovulation. On the other hand, less weight would result in decreased production of certain hormones that are required for ovulation, and hence you may not be able to ovulate every month and even if you are able to conceive somehow then you may not be able to sustain the pregnancy for a long time.

Women who use oral contraceptives to treat irregular Ovulatory cycle will find that once they stop taking the pills the irregularity of the cycle will return. However, it does not have any direct effect on the fertility of any person.

Depot contraceptives like Norplant can cause hindrance with the recommencement of the ovulation cycle. However, it happens very rarely.

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